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I've totally signed up to write a bunch of stuff. EEP!

I am totally overwhelmed by help_haiti! It is hard to find people in the gazillion comments. I'll comb through it more carefully closer to the final auction and see what I can still afford! :-D

My offer post is here, and the details are:

I am offering: 1000+ word fic to top bidder, a 500+ word fic each to the 2nd and 3rd place bidders, if any.

Fandoms (if appropriate): Atlantis (Sheppard/Weir), SG-1 (Sam/Jack, Daniel/Janet), Star Trek (any show, most het pairings), X-Files (Doggett/Reyes), Babylon 5, Jake 2.0, sgarpf (Torri/Joe).

Additional Info (optional): I'm not very familiar with the last two seasons of either Atlantis or SG-1. I'll write other fandoms and pairings if I know them, email/comment on my journal to ask! Note: the "2nd/3rd place bidders" clause means that you can bid less than the top bid.

Starting Bid: $5

I also signed up for:


I only did this because irony_rocks promised that my flist would help me find actor pikshurz for my show, hehehe. See how she volunteered you like that? I'll post my casting call soon. :)
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