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Original Show: Casting Call!!

You promised (well, irony_rocks volunteered you) to help me find actors, because I am awful at it!! My character bible is below, with casting notes on each character that I am sending to you, my casting agency. :) You can suggest actors that have nothing to do with what I've described and last names can be changed depending on race. Please help meeee so I can do chaos_thon! Thank you!

ETA: I'm adding in the current front-runners for each character, so things don't get lost! THANK YOU!!!

In the game of world domination, everyone has interests. Protect yours.

Show Premise: A new cold war is brewing. As supernational corporations begin to replace the world governments, the lines of global power will be redrawn by those with influence, capital, and the best intelligence network. To protect its assets – and its client-citizens – Libertech needs a new generation of elite operatives who can keep ahead of the changing spy game. The first "risk unit," a prototype strike team of the best young agents, is formed for surveillance and counter-intelligence, but as the rules change, the stakes get higher...

The general atmosphere of the show is fun, driven by action and character relationships. It takes place in an alternate present-day, where despite the corporate rise, the lives of the general population haven't changed much (they probably all get free cell phones). There are threads of insidious dangers right from the beginning, but it's not a dystopia, and at first the "dark side" of the new era is contained within the missions. Libertech will usually seem to be the "good" corporation, but not always. They're called risk units because their department is "information risk management," but RISK also stands for the ultimate four objectives of most of their assignments - recruit, inform, suppress, or kill.



Dylan Hart:
[Casting notes: early-mid 20s, physically fit, a bit of the "tall dark and handsome" feel – girls should swoon.]
Cast by peanutbutterer casting co: Zach Gilford [not so much "dark", but great for this part!]

Dylan is the leader of the team in the field, and his expertise is tactics. He studies, he researches, and he believes deeply in what they're doing, and the company they're doing it for. He probably considers the moral ramifications of their actions more deeply than anyone else on the team. He tends to form close relationships with people. He's known Camilla, now his primary confidante, for years. Dylan and Tabitha have a long-smoldering attraction, possibly occasionally consummated, but he doesn't mind making himself available to other women, and he will have at least one serious relationship with a civilian (Sara Howell, below).

Camilla Fairchild:
[Casting notes: 20-25, muscular build, overweight is fine, generally kickass! Latina/mixed race is OK Race open, though her father is a Rich White Man.] - still casting...

Camilla, the team's combat and ordnance specialist, enlisted in the Marines out of high school to spite her wealthy, estranged father. She was quickly recruited by Libertech for the corporate intelligence division, and has had several years of experience individually in the field. Camilla fights hard and plays hard, calling herself "sexually opportunistic," and will always find a good time. She has a bit of a devil-may-care attitude and is used to striking out on her own, though she likes her team and learns to be part of the group.

Tabitha Brewer:
[Casting notes: 20-25, classically beautiful and sexy. Men should swoon. I'd prefer a redhead, because it's my show, and it should have at least one.]
Cast: Alona Tal (not a redhead, but so perfect. we'll give her some strawberry lowlights.)

Tabitha is the team's "honey trap," an infiltration expert who uses seduction as one of the weapons in her arsenal. She's home-grown within the company, hired at 18 for the corporate mailroom, but was quickly singled out and trained for covert intel. She has spent time undercover, and the company put her through two years of college, where she met Shea. A natural caretaker, she looks out for those in her division, and is sometimes haunted by memories of a past mission gone bad where she killed an exposed enemy operative. Because she helped bring Shea into the company, she considers her to be her personal responsibility.

Michael [last name tbd]:
[Casting notes: 20s, a bit of a skinny/nerdy look, race open.]
Front-runner: miera_c's suggestion of Percy Daggs. We're typecasting. We know. I'm still looking, but he's pretty great for this. :) oparu suggests the now-grown-up Cirroc Lofton.

Michael is the team tech, calibrating radios, upgrading their recon technologies, hacking into computer data, and providing remote assistance. He spends most of the time at the "house" or in the car during missions, and is is rarely on the front lines. He's also the main communications link between their team and the rest of the Libertech intelligence division; while Dylan is the one to get their assignments directly, Michael is in constant contact with the other intelligence arms and often knows first what's going on. He's new to any kind of on-site work and is more comfortable far away from danger, but his desire to solve every puzzle means he can't turn down this opportunity. He carries a brightly-burning torch for Camilla, and believes one day he'll win her over.


Catherine Shea:
[Casting notes: a little older than the others, 28-35, but seems young and naïve. She's blonde, but doesn't need to be particularly glamorous.]
Still casting... suggestions for Janel Moloney, though I think she might be too much older than the others, not sure who else...?

Shea is contracted to work with the team on individual missions, but isn't fully committed to the project or totally "in the fold." She's a doctoral candidate in psycholinguistics with an innate genius for cryptography. She has known Tabitha since Tabitha took one of her classes, and would not have taken Libertech's offer without her involvement. At first, she is kept in the dark about most of the team's activities and objectives. She goes by Shea, though Tabitha will call her by her first name in a crisis.

Alexander [last name tbd]:
[Casting notes: late 20s, of mixed ethnic background.]
Front runner: melyanna suggests Jeremy Sisto

Alexander and James are a separate, two-man team who fall under the same "risk unit" umbrella. They spend less time undercover and more time traveling for the company on "business purposes," meeting with corporate allies and gathering information. Alexander is serious and professional and believes in running missions "by the book." He is intently concerned about information leakage, and will keep information confidential until he has permission to divulge it, even to the others in the department. He knows a lot about the long-term corporation plans, understands economics and politics, and toes the party line. He and Tabitha will have a relationship.

James Green:
[Casting notes: a good-looking frat boy.]
Front-runner: peanutbutterer suggests Taylor Kitsch:

James is Jim Kirk and James Bond – the lady-killing, action-loving hotshot whose first duty is always the mission. He and Camilla will have lots of meaningless sex. James and Alexander spend all their time together on missions, and they irritate the hell out of each other, possibly in a slashy way.

[Casting notes: A Bruce Greenwood In STXI type. Can we just get Bruce Greenwood? Is that how this works?]
Cast: Bruce Greenwood. Because why not?

Marshall's a director in the corporate intelligence division, and the risk units were his idea. He handpicked the team and gives them their assignments. He used to be a ground operative for the NSA, and sees himself as a mentor to the group of young agents, especially to Dylan.

ETA: Sara Howell:
[Casting notes: 20s. That's as far as I got with her. :) ]
Dead heat:
Amber Tamblyn:

or Alison Brie:

Sara is Dylan's civilian girlfriend in the first season. She works for another major corporation, but in a purely corporate role - nothing to do with intelligence. Dylan initially sought her out as part of a mission, but when the mission dead-ended, they started seeing each other romantically. She wants a serious relationship, and is consistently frustrated by Dylan's job and feels she plays second-fiddle to his colleagues.

Help me, Livejournal Casting Agency! (Oh, and tell me if my show is moronic, plz.)
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