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clean the fridge to free your *soul*

*waves goodbye to Pawtucket House of Couch*

Well, *will* wave goodbye once all my stuff's in the car, but that requires unhooking my computer.

I have cleaned this apartment within an inch of its life, and it looks all shiny and new now. With the exception of maybe an hour late last night when I was all but I started this a week ago why the crap is it still not done!? Oh, because I have *mono* and because it takes me ass-long to do things, (shout-out to besydtammy for giving me motivational cookies, of a sort) I really enjoyed myself doing it, too. I don't think of myself as an exceptionally compulsive person, but there's something really satisfying about the process of deep-cleaning (less so with the ordinary spot-cleaning, but that too). In a weird way, it reminds me of distance swimming or highway driving -- it's a very solitary, methodical activity, and it's most enjoyable if you don't think beyond the next lap or venetian blind or recognizable landmark.

Worried this makes me a *total* nutball, I mentioned this to my parents. My mother was all: "OOOOH! I'm like that TOO!" and my dad was all "Oy. Another one." So, my insanity is a learned behaviour. Sweet :)

But yay. Pretty apartment. *pets Pawtucket House of Couch* And, security-deposit-ness, too, I hope :)

(also, keenween? Did you get my email about Cox? Er, I suppose if you don't have 'net access at all, since I still have your cable modem, you wouldn't have. I'll call you tomorrow unless you say otherwise...)

-- Little Red, who will seriously miss the wonder that is cable internet

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