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"We've got to get this approved by the suits at network."

Dear suits at network, please weigh in on the following lingering things about my show-by-collective-hive-mind, RISK.

The results of the screen test poll are as follows:

Dylan Hart*, team leader: Lee Thompson Young [*since Dylan is unfortunately one of the whitest names ever, for serious -- do I change it? To what?]

Camilla Fairchild, combat expert: America Ferrera

Tabitha Brewer, infiltration expert: Alona Tal

Michael, technical expert: Percy Daggs [a) needs last name, b) it's cool that I have a bunch of men of color on my show who are paired with white women, right? am I doing Something Wrong with my imaginary show?]

Catherine Shea, linguistics consultant: Miracle Laurie [close race, omg!]

Alexander Lim: John Cho [according to the poll, actually, John Cho should play every role in this and every show, and I <3 this publicity shot.]

James Green*: Taylor Kitsch** [*Last name may be changed due to me muttering "Good shot, Green!" whenever I see it. Suggestions welcome!, **OK, he won the poll fair and square, but since Zachary Gilford lost out for Dylan, can I cast him as this? He's more clean-cut and therefore can pass more as being corporate.]


POLL to sum up my questions and because polls show that people like polls:

Poll #1518565 Oh them? They're my network.

Dylan's character name should be:

Left as it is!

Dylan's new name should be:

The imbalance of characters of color between men and women is:

Not a problem.
A problem, for social reasons I may or may not go into in comments.
The casting choice is not a problem, but worrying/asking about it is a problem.

Michael's last name should be:

James should be cast with the following actor:

Taylor Kitsch
Zachary Gilford
Another actor entirely, who may or may not also be from Friday Night Lights.

Another actor entirely, who may or may not also be from Friday Night Lights:

Show management by poll is:

Awesome and fun! Keep doing it!
Shouldn't you keep your eyes on your own paper and write your own show?
OMG! A poll!
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