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2004 called and it wants its OTP back.

I might be totally obsessed with Stargate and Sam/Jack again. I'm making myself go to bed without watching the whole rest of the series, but while NBC was showing things other than the Olympics today I watched some Season 6, because love, and then I watched the disk with "Paradise Lost" on it, and then read everything from shipwithpants, and then had to watch "One Hundred Days" (omg, no haters, I <3 Laira and that is one of my favorite episodes and BABY SAM ANGST), and then after that you kind of have to start watching season 4 with "Small Victories" and...

Okay, am I the only one who really wants to write terrible cliched fic where the Asgard's "sanctioned" experiments on humans include breeding a passel of Sam/Jack babies from cells they stole, because they WOULD DO THAT (he's ADVANCED and she's the least dumb human we have!). I mean, this is a terrible fanfic cliche (zomg we somehow encounter children that are actually ours even though we have never done sex!?), but it was also a decent episode of The X-Files (oh what, this random adorable child who's just been orphaned is actually my secret alien government conspiracy baby and Mulder has been keeping my ovaries in his freezer?).

We should have a fanfic cliche challenge. The internet messaged me to inform me that apparently EVERYONE ELSE JUST DID THAT with dayofindulgence. So how about a things that were somehow canon on the X-Files challenge?

This post is rambling and makes no sense, but please spaz out in the comments about your FAVORITE SG-1 moment/episode/fanfic cliche and why Sam/Jack was SO AMAZING when it was good or if it is STILL GOOD and what season had the best Sam hair and SO FORTH!
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