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Everybody and their cats are correct.

Firefly is awesome.

mystic_isles000's parents bought the DVDs. YAY! Saw "Serenity" tonight, and, DUDE! I can crush all over Adam Baldwin some more!! *crushes all over him*

I spent about half the episode trying to figure out where in the heck I knew the chipper little engineering girl from (my thought process was: "Why am I seeing her about 14 years old in a nightgown and coughing up water?"), and finally figured out she was that little girl who got kidnapped by the school-picture photographer on The X-Files years and years ago. I definitely miss the Pawtucket House of Couch and its instant imdb capabilities.

I could do with some toning down of the "we're going for a *new look*" camera angles and editing quirks, but on the whole, I totally see what everyone has been raving about and suspect I will only get more impressed as it goes along.

Also -- that guy from my Favourite Episode Ever of the X-Files (the one with the guy who can light stuff on fire by snapping his fingers and stuff) was in it!!

And Adam Baldwin is really hot and crazy and stuff in this. Mmmm.

In other news, I was so tired after my first day of work yesterday that I dropped a Pyrex thing while drying the dishes last night and it *exploded* all over two rooms in a pattern that absolutely defies mathematics, and it managed to maliciously attack my hands (again, I can't figure out how it got me where it did without some serious intent on its part). I'll probably rate a scar on my right index finger (I was too tired and decided it really wasn't worth going to the ER to see if I needed stitches... there was a lot of blood but it stopped with pressure after like half an hour and hasn't bled much since then, and I'm pretty sure I washed all the glass out). I feel like such a ten-year-old -- I really want to take off my bandaids and go "LOOK AT MY FINGER ISN'T IT GROSS!?!??" to people. I figured how to type with unwounded fingers, so yay... but yet ANOTHER delay in finishing up the knitting project that *will not end*! I have literally twenty minutes of work left, *tops,* on this freaking sweater. Gaaaah.

Work was okay, though. I thought I was going to die after an hour and a half for being so tired and mono-y, but got over it and made it through. And then I came home and the above happened, and then I went to bed at 8:30 and got up at 4 pm *the next afternoon.* Hopefully that was only a one-time deal -- if I regress like that after *every* time at work I'll probably have to take it down a notch. Supah-lame.

K, now I'm done boring y'all about my life and actor preferences.

-- Little Red

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