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Just because you call it "Glee" doesn't mean it's happy.

This week's Glee was kind of a festival of SADNESS.

OH MERCEDES. OH QUINN. OH FINN'S MOM. OH KURT. There was a lot of heartstring action and Burt Bacharach, who does not play God in this episode (or show up in person, actually). (Burt is God according to what is possibly the most cracked-out episode of The X-Files. Believe me, there's some tough competish for that honor.)

Finn's Mom / Kurt's Dad is so insanely obvious and it's awesome. I love it. They probably watch reruns on TV-Land together and she has a ridiculous laugh and he finds it adorable. I love Finn's Mom in general, though, ever since she awesomely awesomed all over the homeless-teen-girlfriend situation. Yes. YES to this pairing. Glee, do not break these two up ever.

However, Sue was oddly... I don't know. Sedate? Starving teenage girls isn't really on the level of evil machinations that I've come to expect from her. Is she *gasp* softening up!? And Santana didn't seduce a single person. In fact, I think she planned that little self-esteem-fest in the auditorium with Mercedes and Quinn (Santana and Brit were totally in on it). And Quinn is the force for good in this episode? What the heck is going on here!?

And Quinn. I love Quinn. I love that Quinn totally has depth, and she's a ridiculous bitch most of the time, but she's not stupid. But here... I don't know! She's suddenly being really, really kind, and really, really mature, and talking about her baby like it's a person she cares about instead of a venereal disease. There's no way she learned all this living at Puck's (though perhaps she learned it from FINN'S MOM before she left the House of Hot Tub Lies Revealed). Let's pretend she's been taken into some really nice halfway house for pregnant teens where they give them classes on nutrition and self-esteem and set them up with nice open adoption agencies with counselors (who are more effective than Emma). Team Quinn!

On that note, can we have Quinn eventually be the one to confront Jesse St. James about scamming Rachel? That would be awesome.

And I love that Will misses Terri. Of course he does! They've been together since puberty and she wasn't always batshit crazy. Poor Schuesters. Will really should get another place if he wants to make a fresh start, and if he wants Terri to not have a key.

As far as music... well, the music had pretty much nothing to do with anyone, and there were no group numbers (the Cheerios did as much backup singing as New Directions did), but damn can that April Rhodes belt out a tune.
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