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09 June 2010 @ 10:48 pm
I'm only sort of ashamed to admit that I just bawled through pretty much the ENTIRE Glee season finale. Oh, such love!

Tonight's finale was everything it should have been. Really. It was EPIC. I thought about nitpicking the realism of some things (labor, adoption timelines, etc) but then I realized I DON'T CARE. This is Glee! They live in their own Glee universe where things just ARE this way!

1. QUINN! Yes. YES. With the most sob-worthy of any of the storylines, Quinn recalls her fall from grace (oh, wine coolers and Santana and Brittany's sloppy thirds...) and then has her post-Regionals high destroyed by her johnny-come-lately mother and going into labor. As dramatic as it all was, Quinn's reactions were just so awesome. Yes, she has serious issues with her mother showing up suddenly and wanting to raise her baby, but she needs her mom so badly (of course she does! she's sixteen!) that she can't tell her to screw off. And her being so angry and terrified in the labor scene was fabulous, and I love love love that she got to hold the baby. And I kind of love her rather cold reaction to the baby afterwards -- I read a bunch of comments of people saying Quinn is totally awful and horrible for not changing her mind about placing her baby for adoption, especially after her mom showed up, but... again, she's sixteen, and this was her choice all along, and her distancing herself from it and not being willing to question her decision at this point all seems really honest, actually.

2a. The Horrible Mom Club. Honestly, WTF, Mrs. Fabray. She made NO effort to keep in touch with Quinn or support her financially or emotionally this whole time, and to show up now and say "Your father is a cheating douchebag, so I really want to play house with you now!" just made me mad (and, asking if she missed a lot of performances instead of, oh, I just missed two trimesters and you've been HOMELESS... what planet does this woman live on?). Quinn is a stronger woman than her mother by far, it seems, and while I'm happy for Quinn that she gets her reunion and that she had her mom's support during labor... seriously. This had better not turn into Quinn emotionally supporting her mom post-divorce while quietly suppressing all the righteous rage and abandonment she feels. GEEZ.

2b. SHELBY. Shelby shuns Rachel again for not being a baby anymore, and all of that would make me just feel like Shelby's a bitch (look - birthmothers are allowed to feel however they want about their children at their therapists' office, but when you orchestrate a scheme to set up your child's first love and spectacularly break her heart just to tell her you don't want any contact with her after all, you're a bitch). Except. EXCEPT. Then, Shelby walks away with Quinn's baby. This is not at all how this should have shaken out. I realize people move fast on Glee, but it's been what -- a month? two? since Shelby met Rachel, and since then she's considered probably quitting coaching Glee Club and maybe getting a dog or a decent place to live. This woman is in no way prepared to SUDDENLY have an infant, and honestly, since she's in the Horrible Mom Club, I'd rather she just let Beth go live with farmers like William to a nice, stable family where adoption has been a long time in planning. I get that they're going for tidiness and symmetry (girls giving up babies!... kind of), except I'd much rather have seen Shelby bond with Quinn over being a birthmother and how hard a decision this really should be, and then Quinn saying, "I really want my baby to have better parents than I do a dad who isn't Puck a family, and I really want to grow up." And then Beth can go live with farmers maybe we could get a positive open adoption storyline, which would freaking rock (baby pictures every season!) and Shelby can think, I should really look into adopting in a few years. That would be wonderful symmetry. I feel all invested in baby Drizbeth and I would rather she not be raised by kind of a CRAZY LADY.

3. Music! :) After that rant, let me just say - music, ILU. Jesse St. James is really carrying Vocal Adrenaline, isn't he? Oh well, once he graduates, our kids can toast them next year. And all of our kids' songs were great. :) I loved seeing them singing to the cheering crowd.

4. HEARTBREAK! Oh god. I loved that our kids came in last. I loved it. I was actually hoping for it a bit before the episode started, because our little losingest team is best as the underdogs, and the show has 3 seasons to get through, and because their little hearts crushed so dramatically tragically. But they were so GOOD! Then I wanted them to win! OH I LOVE THEM. You'll do better next year!! And they were fabulous. They really were great. And Sue defended herself them. (Who lets a teacher from one of the competing schools be a judge? I mean, ordinarily, wouldn't that bring up the issue of favoritism instead of psycho vendetta?)

5. EVERYBODY CRYING ALL THE TIME. I always cry when someone wells up on TV. I can't help it. I used to be a mess at those long-distance calling card commercials. Tina started us off at the beginning of the episode and it just didn't stop until even Santana was in tears.

6. EVERYBODY IS BFFs!! Aaaaa I love it. Matt even got a line (when do we get Matt's coming-out episode? I'm just asking. Because. I don't know. The earring, I think). Santana hated everyone, but now maybe she doesn't, and then she pinky-hugs Brittany. Quinn and Mercedes are friends for life, yo, and Kurt's really not too into someone else horning in on Mercedes' #1 speed-dial spot, so he glomps them both. ARTIE/TINA 4 EVA. Kevin McHale called them "the new Cory and Topanga" and ever since then I can't stop squeeeing.

7. Finn/Rachel awwwwww. I kind of secretly ship Quinn/Finn. I would have made them name their baby Brynn or something, FOR RHYMING PURPOSES. But Finn/Rachel is really cute. :) I can see the Rachel/Puck the more I think about it, because they are both kind of awful in a completely entertaining way, but I really don't like that pairing much myself. And Finn/Rachel is so adorably high school, and I love it. But I flailed a lot at the way Finn looked at Quinn last week during "This is a Man's World." He still digs her, especially now that she's not a crazy bitchface, but he'll never forgive her, so oh well.

8. One! More! Year! I kind of wondered if we were going to have a guerilla Glee club next season, rehearsing in parking lots and April's roller rink, storming Sectionals and demanding a performance slot. I know exactly what I *do* want next year: Quinn, with an EPIC VENDETTA against Sue Sylvester. Quinn is best when she's cutthroat and bitchy, and girlfriend deserves to get out of her endless depression, but I would be sad if she takes a step back and just tries to reclaim her Cheerios fame. My Quinn has loftier goals, and she doesn't forget that Sue outed her pregnancy in a deeply cruel way and kicked her while she was down. And since Will owes Sue for the Glee Club's continued presence, somebody in New Directions needs to be gunning for Sue. *grin* Plus, Quinn needs a new storyline to chew on to keep Santana from stealing all her screen time.

9. Puck. He's totally horrified by Quinn giving birth. He comes around in a wonderful way to be truly awed by his babymama, and he loves her in his own way, and it's sweet. He cares about the baby (and I'm glad Quinn asks him if he wants to keep her, and I'm still glad they decided against it even though omgbabiesaresocute). Both Puck and Finn expressed more love and connection to the unborn baby than Quinn did a lot of the time, which leads me to believe that sister is in for a serious nervous breakdown later on. And I was glad to see the flashback scene. Puck pressures her, but not as much as I had feared after the brief "You got me drunk" line in "Preggers," and she wasn't really that drunk.

10. Angry Emma is adorable. ADORABLE. And her dentist boyfriend is John Stamos, so I kind of hope they don't break up too soon.

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A.j.: puck/rachelaj on June 10th, 2010 01:45 pm (UTC)

fyca: Brittana pinky linkyfyca on June 11th, 2010 04:51 am (UTC)
LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE. Except when I don't. Actually, I loved everything about this episode except for the 10 minutes real time it took for Quinn's water to break, everyone to rush her to the hospital, the baby to be born, and for the crew to rush back to the stage to get their tiny trophy. That really pissed me off, a lot, and seemed completely useless -- they just wanted to make me groan a lot by syncing it with Bohemian Rhapsody.

Everything else was lovely, especially the love bits. Everyone loves everyone, and I was just fine with that! It felt a bit rushed though... wish they could have had 2 hours -- they could have thrown in some aural explosion or whatever that other group was called.
fyca: Moni Williamfyca on June 11th, 2010 04:51 am (UTC)
Also, WILLIAM! (I just wanted to use both my icons.)
-a.frog/gorf.a-froggoddess on June 11th, 2010 06:34 pm (UTC)
And furthermore -- do you read the wedding section in the Sunday Times? Because the actress who plays Sue just got married... in Western Mass! In Sunderland!! At one of my favorite restaurants!! (The Blue Heron) Crazy. :)
Little Red: tula sunflowermylittleredgirl on June 11th, 2010 06:44 pm (UTC)
Frog! I am coming to Western Mass next week!! :) Are you working/schooling/traveling at the moment? Or can we hang outttt?? I'll be there next Wednesday to the following Wednesday. My weekend is pretty tied up with my sister's wedding, but after that? Monday or Tuesday? I could come to you or you could come to me, either way. :)

I want to see the poet chair!
-a.frog/gorf.a-froggoddess on June 11th, 2010 06:49 pm (UTC)
Oooh! Come see meeeeee!! It's a little tricky because I start my workshop at UMASS Sunday night (the 20th) and am doing stuff all day Monday and Tuesday... though I'm free from when workshop is over at 4 until the evening reading at 7:30 (and that only takes an hour and I think I wouldn't mind skipping Monday)... So if you don't mind coming my way (or maybe just to have early dinner in Northampton?) or something? That would work. Otherwise I"m home and totally free before Sunday -- but that doesn't work with your sister's wedding..?!

I want to see youuuuuuu!!!! xoxoxoxoxo
Little Red: oregon trailmylittleredgirl on June 11th, 2010 06:56 pm (UTC)
Maybe next Thursday, then? I land on Wednesday and I'm not sure what day my mom is taking off to hang out with me. :) It might be Thurs or sometime the next week... if you're free Thursday I'll try to steer her to next week!
-a.frog/gorf.a-froggoddess on June 11th, 2010 06:59 pm (UTC)
I'm free Thursday morning or Thursday evening... At noon we're having a house meeting, and at 2pm Moti and I have a therapy session (we go in and meet together with his therapist about once every six weeks or so -- i LOVE her)... That'll take a couple of hours, and then we usually need to integrate for a little bit... but in the evening I am free!! or all day friday, but that is probably for wedding-last-minute-ness?
Aquariusaquarius_1977 on June 12th, 2010 11:07 pm (UTC)
OMG really? You're alive????? :-p
Icepixie: [B5] Ivanova and Delenn SiLicepixie on June 28th, 2010 05:08 pm (UTC)
Completely irrelevant to this post, but happy birthday! Er, a day late. Happy birthday-and-a-day! :D