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Cubicle Crafts

My midyear review went something like this:

Boss: "Good job with not taking on too many extra projects anymore."
Boss: "So what's your goal for the rest of the year?"
Me: "... take on more projects?"
Boss: "I'm going to write down Do your boring job and don't let other people trick you into doing theirs."

Anyway, I've decided to cope with the raging injustice of no longer working above my pay grade by having pretty surroundings (it's a bit of a theme I've been working on lately - I'll post my home redecorations soon!). I have hour-long lunches and office supplies at the ready, so making crafty things was an obvious plan! I didn't think of taking how-to pics along the way, but supplies are listed below the pics. I wouldn't mind growing up to be a craft blogger one day, so should you want instructions for any of these, I'll happily provide. :)

Part of my job is sending out thank-you cards to new and renewing clients. I pre-print the notes, so all I have to do is write the address on them and add business cards. Before, I had them stacked on my desk in piles, so I made a box one day, with a divider to separate new and renewal cards.

Supplies: Box with width matching your greeting card size, 2 colors of construction paper (colored printer paper would probably work just as well or better), Elmer's glue, x-acto knife (we have these at work to use as boxcutters).

(Click photos to embiggen.) I made this Lolcat Terror Scale for my boss, since I didn't reply to her birthday email and have to make up for it on a grand scale. It was fun to make, which is good, because one of the other admins wants one of her own (she's like 60 and chats online in lolspeek - girlfriend deserves whatever she wants!). The moveable arrow makes me happy - I had originally planned to use velcro strips but this is much cooler. The problem I've found is that anything made with construction paper automatically looks like it was made by the under-8 set. However, office-supply-orderers can't always be choosers.

Supplies: Cardboard (legal-paper-sized), cardstock, colored or construction paper in terror scale colors plus white and black, Elmer's glue, lolpics, Microsoft Publisher (to resize lolpics and make arrow sign), color printer, xacto knife, scissors, scotch tape, hole punch!

Do you guys have any cool cube-craft ideas?
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