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The Kirk is Dead, Long Live the Kirk!

This weekend, Das Boy and I triumphantly finished watching Classic Star Trek. It ended with a whole hot mess of body-swapping, gender politics, at least three separate mutinies, and some seriously high-intensity Shatner. He leaves nothing on the table, that man.

Interesting notes from this episode include Dr. Janice "I cannot stand my womanhood" Lester informing us that the future has no place for female starship captains. Das Boy thinks Janeway might be interested in this bit of historical data. I think that Archer's ex-girlfriend, captain of the NX Columbia, would probably come forward in time and let Janice Lester know: "It's not because you're a woman, it's because you're completely batshit insane." (Spoiler: She's completely batshit insane.) Shockingly, there isn't even a single nudge or wink about Kirk waking up inside a woman's body (like, body-swapped into it). Also, they have court-martials and hearings about every. damned. thing. on classic Trek, so much so that they have their own room for it.

Janice Lester, in Kirk's body, dramatically makes a point here, while Kirk, in Janice Lester's body, contemplates what a nice pantsuit he's wearing.

All is well at the end, and just in time for the series to wrap. Ah, Star Trek. So many rock planets with lavender skies. So many mind melds. We shall miss you. (Except Catspaw.)

But wait! What's this? We're just in time for Star Trek: The Animated Series! The boxed set promises such things as 20 foot slugs, nebulas that turn the computer into a practical joker, and Harry Mudd, because why not?

This, my friends, is the opening shot:

You may have noticed, there are many more stars in the universe than there used to be. This is especially bizarre, given that Animated Captain Kirk informs his Captain's Log that we are traveling past the edges of our galaxy. Why, you may ask? Starcharting! He says this not only like it makes sense, but like it is the most exciting mission imaginable.

(Almost) all our favorites are there! Kirk! Scotty! Spock! Bones!

They're glowing because they're wearing personal shields, not because they just radiate awesome. Also, Uhura! Her skirt's actually longer. (Das Boy: "It's not like it could get shorter.")

And Sulu! And Che-

Who the fuck is that guy!? Does he have a THIRD ARM coming out of his chest? Ladies and Gentlemen, this show is going to be a-ma-zing.

One last thing, before I go to continue my animated adventures:


That right there. This makes it canon, baby.
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