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I signed up last-minute. HOW COULD I NOT??

Now, um, tell me what you'd like to see, plz.

(I'm thinking most likely Atlantis, amirite? But I have strong crackfic desires to write Talia Winters saving herself and Garibaldi from the Psi Corps, because, idk, that's pretty ridiculous. I'm also taking Trek prompts!)

I sort of feel with Girl Saves Boy that it should be, like, unexpected Girl Saves Boy, not like Sam or Ivanova or Zoe who can so obviously kick more ass than anyone else. What do you think? But if I do pick a non-traditionally-kickass character, should I have them use their established strengths (like, Beverly Crusher cures mysterious alien disease! or Diane reprograms Jake's nanites just in time!) or make them kick ass out of their element? IMPORTANT QUESTIONS!

No, really, please discuss and/or prompt me before I feel like I've made a horrible mistake in Pledging To Write Something.
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