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$50 Christmas: Crafty, Cheap and Cheery

I have a habit (you may have noticed) of making bold and daring plans with a questionable track record of completion (driving across-country to Oregon spur of the moment: Success! "Second Chances"... uhhhnnng). I should probably make a livejournal tag for these, actually. So here's my LATEST!

This year, I'm going to have a $50 Christmas!

I love Christmas. Love love love. When my sister G lived with me, it was like the north pole threw up on our apartment. This year, like last year, we live in different cities (and are both attached to boys who do not like Christmas), and that makes it a little harder to rock the Christmas cheer. Last year, I made and bought everything last-minute, decorated alone, didn't send out cards or gifts to long-distance people, and didn't enjoy myself as much as I wanted to. So this year, I need a challenge to keep me on task!

$50, my completely arbitrary budget, will go for supplies for making gifts, store-made gifts, cards, and decorations (including self-decorations - if I want a new xmas outfit, it will have to be thrifty!). I will try to scavenge and recycle whatever I can! I will allow myself to go over, if necessary, for non-gift food items (i.e. my contributions to holiday dinners), and postage. (EVERYONE in my office is doing P90X, I swear, so we're gonna call this C50X. LOLZ.)

If you want to do with (doooo eeeeet!), you'll want to set your own budget! I own a crap ton of craft supplies already, and everyone in my family, aside from Das Boy's niece and nephews, is grown up, so homemade gifts are more readily accepted (if they NEED the latest xbox game, they are capable of buying it themselves). I also can reuse a lot of holiday decorations from prior North-Pole-Explosion years.

I really want to blog it with links, pictures, how-tos, and status updates, so I can con some of you to join in with me (with your own budget & challenge rules!) so we can encourage each other for crafty cheapness. But... I might spoil surprises! >_< You might get an xmas card from me you've already seen! What to do?

Poll #1623325 The Poll That Spoils The Surprise!

What's a pre-Christmas craft-exhibitionist to do?

Post it anyway! I want to see it, and handmade crafts are still special if they're not a surprise.
Don't post any actual crafts now, just reveal it all after Christmas.
Create elaborate friends-filters. The posts will all be locked, so lurkers can't see, but you can prevent the gift-recipient from seeing their specific post.
Post the crafts with no names attached - we'll all see the gifts, but won't know who gets what!
Use LJ-cuts! "Spoiler warning: Mom Don't Click This!"


omg!!111! a poll!
I love xmas!!!! :-D
I demand you use generic holiday terminology instead of xmas!
Screw this! Finish "Second Chances" and declare it EVERYBODY'S Christmas present. Great-Aunt Alfrieda will understand!
You're a bit on the manic side lately, y/y?
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