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Ask not what Sparktober can do for you...

Does anyone have a burning desire to make Sparktober banners/buttons that we could put on our userinfo pages to fly the colors? (Or icons, I suppose, for more active color-flying?)

No, it's not necessary for Sparktober to happen but, you know, I kind of want one. ;)

Also, ehm, I may throw some activities, for those who want to play. So "omg I win at Sparky!" style buttons would be win, along with a handful of 80x80 simple Sparky-related images to be used for nefarious purposes (if you're an icon maker and have some bases kicking around that could do with a tiny bit of shrinking...).

(For any of you worried, as I was before havocthecat told me I was being ridic, that organization violates the spirit of Sparktober, any of these things would be totally optional! It'll be like a street fair. You can play the beanbag toss if you feel so inclined, or you can just come for the fried dough.)
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