Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

The Yuletide is now DIAMONDS.

I'm doing Yuletide for the first time evar. It's going to be so exciting! Hopefully I will not screw it up in any dramatic way with my n00bness.

Fandoms I nominated:

Babylon 5 (Talia/Garibaldi OMG. It would be the best xmas evarrr.)
RPF - Stargate Atlantis (This is why I signed up. I do whatever anr tells me to.)
But I'm A Cheerleader
Cupid (1998 tv)
Jake 2.0

I couldn't think of anything amazing for the 6th fandom nom (I thought of NewsRadio, because I wrote lots of crappy Dave/Lisa fic when I was a teenager, but in my experience fic for that show is pretty universally terrible? IDK. Also, the fandom when it existed was creepy and full of redhead fetishists). I do love that Old Spice Guy is a fandom in the list of dropdowns. I can't really see this for fic? What's the point if you can't see and hear him? I want a techno club remix, though. (I'm sure this exists, I'll have to look for it.)

In sparktober news, there's a great post of best-of link collections here! Go and leave recs!! :-D

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