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Impossible? But I have a list!

Things I have recently promised to write:

Sparktoooober! (so, by Oct 31st)

- Post-Replicator fic (aaangst!)
- Bingo: Future Fic (existing WIP "Ain't No Sunshine", aka JUST MAKE THE HELL OUT ALREADY)
- Bingo prompt: Summer
- Bingo prompt: Duet
- Bingo prompt: Letters from Pegasus
- Additional surprise fic glee!
Things I promised but am aware I'd need a time machine for:
- The other four Times Elizabeth Rescued John
- Five Times John Wished Elizabeth Would Just Go Away (which I'd have finished if I scored the Sex Pollen prompt, dammit... I might need to try for this one.)

Pretty Hell Day (October 29th)
- Torri/Joe alphabet fic! (wip. which. omg. there are a lot of letters in the alphabet. like 26 of them. i'm telling you. A-N are done!) eta: 17/26

- Ares pilot! I need to get this writ so that hihoplastic can write fic for it. (I kind of want to do nano for this... someone please remind me why this is a terrible idea and I will run out of laundry and get fired.)
- Pretty Lights ficathon
- Yuletide

I probably signed up for like 5 or 6 other things in a fit of sleepless mania recently, if you know what they are, please let me know!

(RL things must not forget to do: spend this or next weekend in Seattle seeing sister's show. acquire/make gift and celebrate and/or respectfully ignore Das Boy's birthday. get over this freaking cold before it turns into the walking pneumonia that ate tokyo.)

I think I'm going to have to give up watching Dancing with the Stars. And going to work. And sleeping.
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