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Next time I write a novel under time constraint, I should just do it about my dad. And not even about any of the dramatic things which have happened in his life, of which there are many, but more just a trippy fantasy rendering of what it must be like to be in his head for a 24 hour period.

He was inspired by all this nanocrazymo talk. His massive November project, he told me, will be to write about 60 minutes' worth of individual twelve-second-long music compositions. He's going to call up an academe friend to connect him with a biologist, because he wants the short pieces to be a structural representation of cells in the human body. "How do you even make a whole piece fit in twelve seconds?" I ask. "The one I did so far is a duet for flute and a meowing cat. It really holds together!"

The Awesome Papa Red also redubbed NaNo as "Crappy Novel Month" when I started worrying about whether or not I'm doing my characters justice. I LOVE THAT. Crappy Novel Month! I will use that all the time. (All of you who are writing great works of literature need not follow my example.)

So, my progress on Crappy Novel Month: (get your html bar here)

2755 / 50000

I think it's possible this first section is hard to write because Malcolm The Boy Wonder's family isn't dysfunctional at all. I mean, can you have a character without Daddy Angst? I may have done this character a disservice by making his home life so supportive in terms of him being interesting, but at least I feel good about it?

Snippet, best effort at lyricism under time constraint:

Upstairs, he lays out half a ream of paper on the floor of his room, wall to wall. He uses circles and squares when he runs out of letters to assign, draws equations and numbers and H.G. Wells’ alien spacecraft blasting off from Mars, turns his light off before his mother can check on him for bedtime and by flashlight writes out massive particles spiraling away from each other on a twisted axis, relativity licking against their skin.
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