Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red


Only women will understand this despair. Somehow, in all the moves I've made this past year, I have lost my dress shoes. Which means I will have to wear *flat* aerosole sandals with my *ball gown* to the *banquet* this Saturday. This is one day a year I get to dress up and I have been thwarted. There's just no way to look or feel like a million bucks wearing flats. AND I'll probably wreck my lovely dress by stepping on the bottom of it all night :(

Who knows? Maybe there'll be a Nine West on the MIT campus *rolls eyes at self*.

In other news, now exists!! It's just a skeleton right now, but at least it's something.

Now, on to GC! Sans shoes!! *SOB!*

-- Little Red, who gets freaky and childish about these things

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