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Turning off the internet = shockingly helpful. Also, I adore my 12-year-old Boy Wonder's bitchy 15-year-old sister, so I brought her along to NASA to gush about a TV show featuring Futuristic Luke Perry In Space, and that made me lol. Plus, Colonel Skinner's character has been introduced! Plus, I'm planning to make said character's wife be a professional dancer because Dancing With the Stars ate my brain, shut up.

Must go acquire caffeine as prize, I think. Then, moar writings so I can spam you with updates. *mwah*

Ayanna finds out before he does. It’s weird enough that his sister message him during the school day, weirder still that she call, let alone three times in a row.

Between classes, he messages her back in annoyed all-caps: WHAT

It has been a few weeks and basketball season is starting, so he’s not even thinking about gravity or tripods or staying up all night writing equations as fast as his fingers can go. Ayanna audios again and he picks up.

“Mom’s on the nets,” she says. “It’s about you. I’m pushing it to your portable. What the hell is going on?”

It pops up on the screen while Ayanna’s still talking in his ear. It’s tagged science and human interest and breaking and it says What scientists are already calling “potentially the greatest breakthrough in space travel for the last fifty years” has been traced back to the Physics department of the University of Oregon, but according to our sources, the idea comes not from the faculty or graduate students, but from a hand-drawn proof by the preteen son of Dr. Asia Wright. The article is live-updating, and the last line updates to include who has not yet been reached for comment as Malcolm watches.

“Mal! Mal!” Ayanna is chanting in his ear.

“Is this a joke?” he asks her, but Ayanna hasn’t really pranked him for years. Since she turned fifteen – maybe even since she entered high school – her preferred means of dealing with him is by acting like he doesn’t exist.

“Is this about that thing Mom’s been working on in her office?” she sounds freaked out. “Mal, this is on a national site. They’re talking about space travel to other planets. What did you do?”

His phone buzzes, a message popping up on the screen from the school, calling him to the main office. “I have to go,” he says before he hangs up on his sister.

His mom is in the office, and he doesn’t even mind when she hugs him in front of the school principal.

“Ayanna said something,” he says, “What’s going on?”

His mom pulls back, and she’s beaming and a little breathless. “Baby,” she says, “You just made history.”
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