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the creeping progress of civilization

father: "You know what I learned today? After half an hour on the phone with Verizon trying to sign up for a new long-distance plan? You can't get Caller ID in our area. They have no plans to change this, either."

me: "Well, we're not getting cable internet in our area until 2007. People will have cable internet on Mars by 2007."

father: "Cable internet? You want cable internet? Two years ago it was really big news that we could get voicemail here! It's like we're living in 1985!"

mother: "You think that's bad? The plumber came today. He's also a volunteer fireman. He said he's never heard of our street before, because our street isn't on the fire department map."

me: "That sounds... dangerous."

father: "I'm serious, here. Do you think there is anywhere else in this country that's so unimportant that you can't get caller ID?"

mother: *holds up magazine* "Look! They called Berkshire County the cultural center of New England!"

father: "Now I'm depressed."

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