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I was going to call my entry "when it rains..." but keenween already used it, the punk

Lots of work and orders to fill. And I can't go *fill* them because I'm waiting for some people to call me back. *mutters* I think they lied about this job only being 8 hours a week, since the girl who normally does it is FULL TIME.

And, heh, apparently once a manager, always a manager, because this woman just asked me to cover so she can go to dinner in case the girls on the floor have questions. I'm all "But I don't REMEMBER anything." Her: "You still count."

I think it's just because I sit in one of the offices and have my own phone. That automatically gives you managerial status in a place like this.

My wonderful friend and shop manager known to me as The Captain (as in Picard, not Morgan) had her last day today, but hopefully she won't shun us and will actually hang out with us underlings more now that she's not our boss.

And L stopped by work with her beautiful new baby!! *freaks out* Baby Zoe is healthy and adorable and has a full head of hair at 5 weeks old (apparently the cuteness is only while she's sleeping and not screaming, says L), and L is *much* healthier now than she was when she was pregnant, thank God. I'm in so much babyswoon right now I can't even cope.

But mono is an amazing thing -- I'm actually too tired to want one of my own right now. (*gasps* all around)

*glares at phone* I don't think these people are actually calling me back. I suppose I'll go in the shop and fill orders and... manage. Or something.

Also: rejoining the rat race even in my limited capacity means I'm way behind on emails and really every other form of personal communication. Sorry. Working on that.

-- Little Red, who is psyched to have her very own shredder and toll-free number.

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