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Blood from a stone!

14147 / 50000 (28.29%)

Good lord, getting over 14K almost killed me. GOOD NIGHT, MOON! Work in the morning will come waaaay too soon!

ETA because I can't forget this:

Two things from today's phone conversation home related to how my father sees me in regards to writing:

Dad: How's this section of your novel going?
Me: Getting better. I've made the interactions between the two characters more explosive.
Dad: Oh, so hardcore porn instead of softcore porn?

Also, my dad ran into my high school principal today, and when the principal asked what I'm doing, my dad said, in all seriousness, that I'm a novelist. HA.

Me: Er, that's pushing it a bit, isn't it?
Dad: What? How many novels do you need to write to be a novelist? You're writing a novel!

It's somehow perfectly awesome and so very my dad that he considers a hobby creative project as so important that it would never even occur to him to mention what I'm doing for work.
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