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Nice job, ABC! I was literally reaching for the remote to turn off the epic disaster waiting to happen that is Skating With the Stars, until the toolish host announced Johnny Weir and Dick Button as judges.

I still think this show will almost certainly be terrible. The new Carrie Ann (awesomely named Lori-Ann) is so gratingly awful that I really can't decide if it's a dramatic turn-off or comedic asset for the show.

As far as the Dancing With the Stars finals (and twenty minutes into Skating With the Stars I'd just like to add: Tom Bergeron, don't ever leave me), basically everyone did really well and nothing was ridiculously thrilling. I never thought I would say "Bristol Palin was underscored!" but I actually did text that to my friend after Bristol's freestyle. And maybe she wasn't underscored, but they've been scoring her on a Bristol curve so consistently that giving her 8s for her really enjoyable freestyle after giving her 9s for her yeah-it-was-okay jive was just disconcerting. I have been trying to vote for Kyle, Lacey and their perpetual awesomeness... but both the phone lines and the site have been having issues. ABC webmasters, please fix this, because I'm not so far gone that I will wake up early to get my reality TV show votes in. Okay, I might be, but it better be fixed by then.

Really, Portland weather? We got all worked up and the snow has already stopped? I'd better get my 3 inches by morning or you are so fired. (People who are from places with actual winter: 3 inches is not only thrilling in Oregon, it also has the ability to completely paralyze the city since salting the roads is against our religion or something. NaNo demands a snow day, y'all.)

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