Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

"Women need to be aware of what 'normal' actually is."

This article bugs me: 1 in 4 Overweight Women Think They're Normal Size.

Good job, study, for finding a bunch of ladies who somehow don't think they're overweight, but now let's all FREAK OUT about how women exist who aren't convinced they need to diet. I mean, I'm not a doctor, and I know fuck-all about the health risks of obesity beyond what I learned on Jenny Craig pop-up ads, so if I were in a charitable mood I might give this study the benefit of the doubt in terms of being possibly useful.

However, I'm apparently not, because all I'm taking from this is that people are completely horrified that there are (primarily low-income and uneducated) women who don't think they're fat. RED ALERT! As if that weren't bad enough, not thinking they're fat means they aren't subscribing to the weight loss industry - an industry which seems to be so incredibly lucrative primarily because it doesn't work very well. So what they're ultimately saying is that we all need to make sure these women know that their bodies are not conforming to the BMI norm, so that they can get on the dieting hamster wheel for THE REST OF TIME and spend lots of money, time and energy on... being aware that they're fat, basically. That was THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THE STUDY.

Ugh. On that insulting note, I'm going to go eat a brownie.

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