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The Saturday Writer-Spam Post!

Oh, what I wouldn't do for a) an OUTLINE, b) having done ACTUAL RESEARCH, c) not having wasted most of November in a depressive fog!

My novel is seriously begging for some science right now. Or at least for me to spend twenty minutes looking at a map of Mars so I could give real names rather than typing in [random canyon!] and [crater-thing!], etc. Sweet, sweet editing: I am looking forward to you!

34021 / 50000 (68.04%)

At 6 pm tonight I'm going to a Portland NaNo event called The Soiree of Furious Typing, which lasts until midnight! Hopefully it will involve some legit furious typing, because as much as I love a party, I am still hurtling myself in the vague direction of the finish line over here. I'll update this post after 35K!

3:47 pm:
35308 / 50000 (70.62%)

I am now less than 10,000 words behind where I should be, if I were "pacing"! :) This is EPIC. I've also introduced... hmm, possibly everyone! *checks* Yes! Everyone has at least been mentioned in passing. They probably all need work, because I'm in race to the finish and it's okay if the voices are a little wobbly mode. In other news, I want a muffin, which I don't have.

8:25 pm:
38005 / 50000 (76.01%)

Over 75%, y'all! I'm at the Furious Typing Soiree, and I don't even know what I'm furiously typing anymore. ;) This whole section is flagged for overhaul. I might get a muffin, though! Come on, 40K!
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