Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

my icon is gravely misleading!

44037 / 50000 (88.07%)

4000 words in a little over 4 hours!

And my icon is totally misleading. I don't actually have a plot. I have learned that I can write insanely fast under the proper conditions (deadline + caffeine) and it will generate a very specific kind of writing (80% aimlessly paced character musings, 15% unnecessary dialogue, 5% semicolons) that does not actually forward a plot of any kind.

Okay, one more thousand and I can go home from the coffee shop!

6:33 pm:
46009 / 50000 (92.02%)

So close to pacing, holy Jesus. I kind of feel like my word counter is lying to me, since so little has happened for the last twenty thousand words. (We're going to call it an extended character study. This is not the Great American Novel. When I someday write the Great American Novel, some poor graduate student will have to wade through this and pretend it is indicative of my future brilliance.)

9:28 pm:
47072 ★ 50000 (94.14%)

I AM PACING, BITCHEZ!! This bar is purple in honor of being above the purple NaNo line for the FIRST TIME ALL MONTH. Yeeeah!

As a reward, I let myself waste precious seconds scrolling up to double-check a continuity issue and to add a scene that makes me enjoy this whole section of the novel much more. Now I want to write more, but my fingers are on strike. *whew* I hit my 7K goal for today, and tomorrow I go back to work! So clooose!
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