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havocthecat found this on Memory Alpha:

"Ashley Judd was on Letterman [...]. Dave surprised her with a clip of her appearance on TNG, where she went on a date with Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton). Judd mentioned that she was reprising the role (of Robin Lefler) in Star Trek Nemesis as Wesley's wife."

THIS IS SO INCREDIBLY CANON RIGHT NOW, I don't even care a little bit that it didn't actually happen on film. EEEE!

This right here is why they are so cute. Flirting in Engineering while they mess around with sensor power distributions and drifting neutrinos! Nerds in their natural habitat. (all caps from

Then they go on a dinner date, like normal people, but decide it would be way more fun to do diagnostics on the latest video game craze. Then they decide they need to save the ship. Meant for each other, for serious.

So, one would normally hope that hanging out together on Wesley's bed after a date would involve orgasms that aren't fake, but it's all part of saving the ship. Also, Wesley's mom is looking on all proud and creepy (she's brainwashed, okay?). I'm going to assume there were real orgasms later that involved no creepiness whatsoever.

Plot happens, but whatever: THEY ARE SO CUTE.

And kissing! <3

Rule 103, amended: A few light-years and a brief detour into alternate planes of existence are totally workable obstacles for a relationship this adorable!

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