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Sorry! I think I forgot to mention that I was going to be out of town from xmas thru new year's. I have returned to my native New England to see my parents (and shovel snow and haul wood and get back my townie cred). We got 20" the night after I arrived and sat around saying "pshaw, that's not that much snow."

(That's through my window, so forgive the screen in the way.)

I hope you all had a spectacular Christmas (or a spectacular day off from work if you do not celebrate!).

A lot of wonderful stories were posted for prettylightsfic, so if you're into rpf, click here for still-anonymous fic! I was gifted with a Glee Lea/Dianna fic, and for all of you pretty hell otp'ers out there, there are a few Joe/Torri fics kicking around on there too. :)

I am not likely to be online much until January (but have email beeps on my phone!) so please send me a PM or an email if anything truly OMG happens! <3 <3 <3

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