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Things Which Are Happening:

Weather: I am very cold! 27 degrees F isn't that cold compared to lots of other places where you have to plug in your car and stuff, but it's cold indoors because my rather shoddily-constructed apartment isn't up for it. At work, the boiler in our high-rise isn't working right, so it's 60 degrees all day in there, and at home I finally got it up to 62 with a space heater and the oven. The cold is making my brain run a bit slow.

Your Eternal Soul: So, the apocalypse started in Arkansas, I hear? Whether this is a direct act of God (armageddon), an indirect act of God (fault line something something?) or an act of man (pesticides?), there's no way this is anything but an extremely bad sign. Since that's terrifying, I choose to think of this as an X-Files episode and imagine Scully going "Mulder, don't you think pesticides is a more reasonable explanation than a cloaked alien spacecraft sending out concussive tremors that only affect birds and fish?" and Mulder making some wisecrack and everyone in the audience going "make out!"

Television: Raising Hope is hilarious! I finally started watching it. Hulu has all the episodes of the season up until February 8th. :)

Things I Wish I'd Thought Of: fyca sent me this card:

Seriously, don't you wish you'd thought of that? (She says the internet thought of it first.) It's gorgeous! I think a menorah version would be really cute too, with a jumbo paper clip for the candle-lighting-candle-doodle (shamash! cold is cold. brain is slow. wikipedia is helpful).

Glitches: I can't figure out why the "upload image" thing has suddenly gone berserk and uploads things the wrong way and smushes them weirdly if I try to turn them right-side-up and doesn't shrink them the way it used to. Pretend that tree was right-side-up and reasonably sized. My slacker way of posting images is not living up to my point-and-click expectations, dammit.
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