Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

qldfloodauction offer!

Please consider offering, bidding, boosting the signal or all three for qldfloodauction! It's a multi-fandom auction to raise money for the Australian Red Cross and other charities helping the victims of the unbelievable flooding in Queensland (you can also donate to the Australian RSPCA to save dogs and cats and kangaroos, if that is more your speed!).

Posting and bidding closes on January 26th (which is January 25th for most of my flist on this side of the International Date Line), and you can set the timeline for when your offered item is delivered.

I'm offering fic here!

(I imagine if you bid on me you'll be wanting Sparky fic, but basically, if I know you and I have watched the source material in question, I'll write whatever you want!)

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