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happy things for Canada Day

First, a dilemma.

It's possible my job will become a (semi-)permanent position, because the woman I replaced while she was on vacation is applying for another job in the department. This doesn't make the list, yet still belongs in an lj entry entitled "happy things", because YAY, money, employment, productive member of society, but I had pretty much JUST finished saying the exact words of: "Thank God this is my last week of work. I hope they don't have another gig for me right away because I could totally use some time off to try and get my health moving forward again. And also? I'm really glad this job isn't a permanent position, because I might need to kill after a while."

My primary responsibility is my health this summer, but I don't know if working or not working is better for it. I really don't. If I continue to work I will have to come up with a way to continue the forward progress of my health because I won't have a lot of energy or time left beyond that, but I WILL have to get up every day and do *something* (plus, I'll be working at Kripalu where there is good food and yoga classes that I could go to once I get up to that).

And then there are all the dominoes. If I work, I might not be able to finish my Incompletes. But I haven't chosen to finish them anyway, and if I *don't* work and fail to finish them out of lack of energy, brain, or laziness, the pressure and stress might be even worse for my health. And THAT all relates to whether, and when, I go back to school. ARG.

I need to decide by tomorrow morning if I'm going to accept that, if they need me, I will keep this position. Then they may turn around and say "We don't need you," and either find another gig for me or cut me loose, in which case, the universe will have decided and yay. So... sigh... I probably will take it, because I'm me, and I don't think I've ever turned down a job offer even when it was really in my best interest to do so. But we'll see. Thoughts?

And, happy things!! (in ascending order of happiness)

- Relatives coming!! (my Baptist-minister's-wife aunt and corresponding Baptist minister uncle, and another aunt. More relatives to descend on Saturday. For the Fourth of July. Although they are all Canadian.) Great fun will potentially be had when they see all of the idol worship going on in my room, not to mention my, and my mother's, place of work.

- Saw truck today: "Don Davis Heating and Cooling." Laughed. Two minutes later, figured out where I knew the name Don Davis from and why it was so funny. Laughed more.

- The Dead Zone Season 2 has been released on DVD and I now own it!

- OMG! aj! Birthday!! SEASON FIVE!!! *freaks out* I shrieked. A lot. And ran around the house showing it to my family members. Now I can watch the training-day episode and write Haley/Walsh for you! ;)


-- Little Red, GLEEE-FILLED.

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