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Wesley Crusher/Robin Lefler snippet

... IDK, sometimes these things happen? A snippet of a sequel to Return Flight, but since it's a flashback, nothing in there is really relevant.

Wesley remembers the Academy, room B-412. He forgets the Stardate, because on Earth he got in the habit of using the old calendar (October 12th, Sunday). The transport was due at 1400. It arrived 18 minutes late (a delay clearing the landing pad) and Wesley spent 17 of those minutes thinking he should have cleared off his desk in case she wanted to work – her return to the Sol system was for Starfleet, not for him.

(She came a week early, though, two days before her quarters at Utopia Planitia were going to be available – that was for him.)

(His desk was a mess, but he cleared the bed, changed the sheets. He had priorities.)

He spent the last minute, as the airlock opened, wondering whether he should have bought flowers.

The bed was an educated hope - he didn't honestly know what to expect after six months (thirteen letters, two live subspace communications when the Enterprise was in range, a set of holos he's shocked she sent over Starfleet comm channels). He wasn't even sure after she arrived, when she kissed him at the space port, when she declined to look up her other Academy friends, when she suggested they order in for dinner.

He asked if she has a law about reunions (he read them all, so it would have to be a new one). Robin told him about the Intrepid project. They ate thai food on the floor of his room. She smiled when he said he didn't have a table because he rarely had company.

He mostly remembers the sex. She stayed four days, and he knows they must have left his room, but his sharply detailed memories collapse into a haze of skin and her hair and her fingers pressed into his shoulders and the taste of her mouth and the sound she made when she came.

(She taught him how, gave him lessons in her body mechanics, and he spent hours being a student, exploring every inch of skin, every sound, mouth nestled between her thighs until she couldn't instruct him, until she pulled his hair and her body electrified and he never saw anything more incredible in his life, until she did it again, above him, bringing him along with her, hot muscles pressed around him until he lost the ability to think anything at all except her.)

(Robin was probably the only woman alive who would have understood what he meant when he called her more beautiful than a live plasma stream, and she told him later she found it hot when he talked about warp drive in bed.)

He asked her again about the reunion law, when she was naked on his desk chair, air-drying from a shower. "I'm drafting a reunion sex law," she said.

"'Do it, it's great'?"

"Only with certain pre-approved parties."

(They didn't make promises.)
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