Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

gotta get down on Friday

... unless you have a fever and have slogged through work all week with a cold/flu thing and now you're home and it's FABULOUS except for the part where you still sort of feel like your brain is disintegrating into your sinuses.

I've spent the last two hours or so watching paint dry. Literally. To be fair, this work in progress does sort of look to the fever-addled eye like a magical geometric forest of painted cardboard tubes.

I came across a random craft blog (I don't recall which one - there are many and I flit around between them like a flea on cocaine) that April is Make From Stash month. (Or, in layman's terms, buy nothing and make a bunch of projects from the stuff you have already stockpiled like a crazy person fearing the mod podge apocalypse.) This seems like a brilliant and fun plan, especially because I just rearranged all my craft space! My magical toilet-paper-tube-forest up there is sitting on my brand new IKEA drawing table (I was looking for something plainer and then I saw it in the showroom and had a total craftgasm. It. has. a. built. in. light. box.), and I converted my cleaning closet into actually functional craft storage: (and, for reference, a snap of what it looked like before I spent two weeks and my annual bonus on this project)

FYI, total cost of this renovation:
$99 - perfect tabletop with. a. light. box.
$60 - for the pair of table-trestles that adjust up and down
$80 - closet storage system. Each of the pretty colored wooden cubes that make up my craft storage solution now was $30 regular price (RIDICULOUS) and I nabbed them for $9.99 each :) So, $10 x 8.
(Replacing and getting rid of tons of crappy stuff - PRICELESS.)

On the one hand, $240 it's a lot of money to plonk down at once on myself, but it also isn't. I mean, a monthly parking pass at my office costs more than that (another reason to take the bus!) and I've wanted to do this for years and I had the money and I'm making a point that I'm worth awesome shit and I don't need to always save my money in case someone else needs it. Also, in Feng Shui terms, that nonfunctional messy disaster of a craft space that has been stressing me out since I moved in is in the relationship corner of my bagua, so it's totally my fault that I drove him into the arms of another woman because I didn't keep my apartment perfect lolz for that and now it's AWESOME.

Also, my resistance crumbled to dust and I am now infatuated with Body of Proof and have a new OTP (you guys it's Dana Delany and Jeri Ryan and it's subtext with the emphasis on text and you just pretty much have to) and icepixie is not-so-innocently suggesting that RPF might also be a necessity and I am going to enjoy the heck out of this sick weekend from the comfort of my newly fabulous apartment.

Tags: crafts, fandom: body of proof, i move things around a lot, not another otp

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