Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

Craft from stash: success!

My craft-from-stash worked out well! This is now hanging in my bathroom:

And a side view:

I'm really pleased with it! I got the idea from Growing Up Creative. This is what paint, glue, a gajillion paper tubes and an entire weekend quarantining yourself in your apartment to spare the population from your evil hell germs can do, it seems.

I'm kind of stumped for my next project. For some reason, I started thinking about the least useful items I have in my craft stash. For example - I have a crap ton of pipe cleaners. I have no idea why I bought them, or why I carted them around through at least 3 different apartments, or what I can do with them that won't look like I kidnapped some six-year-olds and made them to art with me. So that's my totally unnecessary self-imposed challenge. :)

ETA: On the slim chance that anyone wants to replicate this project, one change I made from Growing Up Creative was to paint the tubes before I cut & glued them, and used 3 different greens that I randomly mixed-and-matched. And I didn't lay out my design beforehand, because I was too eager to start glueing. You don't have to paint the tubes at all, really, but I really like painting stuff that doesn't require artistic skill, like actual paintings would!
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