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Dancing With the Stars: Can We Please Keep The Orchestra?

The enthusiastic liiiiiiiive first violinist and the Troupe open the show, doing what I think is Walk This Way with a 40-piece orchestra. ... Sure?

Brooke is wearing the prettiest color of purple. First elimination - top 3 couples! Backstage, Mark whines that they're not taking a risk with the choreography and smooches all over Chelsea. Kym tries to do the touchdown dance and Hines humors her. Ralph is a gentleman and gives all the credit to Karina. One of these couples is "in PERIL," as Brooke says. Hines and Kym are safe, and Kym's so surprised that she asks for clarification. Chelsea and Mark are in jeopardy! Len tells everyone how awesome they are and that they will make the finals, and then asks to see the dance again. They do quite well for having received a lot of mixed messages over the past 24 hours.

Oh lord, next week is Patriot Week, where we will dance to Songs About America. There's a Lieutenant Len sketch rallying the remaining stars, which starts out awkward but is ultimately really funny. I like these bits. Kendra isn't there.

Jennifer Hudson sings and Louis and Karina freaking TEAR IT UP. I love watching the pros dance with each other so we can see their supah-skills, which is why I'm always disappointed when the Troupe dances (even though they're great!). Aww, Karina and Louis are either mouthing the words or having a conversation while they're dancing, and either way it's cute.

Middle-of-the-pack scorers: Backstage, Romeo says he's a college student and tries to pimp his book-learning and being-an-actor skills until Brooke just pulls the mic away. Petra thanks the American audience and continues to seem like the nicest person alive. Chris Jericho wants to fixed the economy, and his hair is kind of alarmingly slicked back. I didn't notice that last night. Flashback time! In the clip from last night's dance, I notice how awesome Chelsie's outfit is, and then Romeo calls himself a beast. In the confessional, Petra says Dmitry wants her to dominate him, and she did, and she may do it again. RPF couple #3? Petra and Dmitry are in jeopardy. Noooooooo! But I just started shipping you like ten seconds ago!

Lowest scorers - Kirstie feels cursed. Sugar Ray watches himself on TiVo. Kendra announces live to America that she's on her period.

Pro montage about where they get their choreography inspiration (argentina, watching movies, teaching in dance studios) and the pressure of coming up with interesting things (America has now seen two thousand rumbas on the show, everyone takes their jobs very seriously). I love it when the pros talk (they are my STAAAAARS), and the editors had some fun merging dance rehearsal steps with the same step in performance.

The principal dancers of three ballet companies come out to do Swan Lake. YAY! It's awesome. Nice get, DWTS. This is about infinity times more relevant than Chris Brown two weeks ago.

Oh my, Jennifer Hudson does Feeling Good. THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME. Oh, wait. She's singing the opening verse like she's singing the national anthem. It's okay, though, the rest of it is amazing. And the Troupe rock it out. I'm warming up to them.

Lowest scorers, continued. In a backstage flashback to last night, Kym tries to make Kirstie feel better about being cursed. Sugar Ray asks Anna if Len calling him the sugar plum fairy is a compliment or an insult. Louis tells Kendra he's disappointed that she told Carrie Ann and America that she doesn't care about elegance, and she cries about how she just wants to go hide. Kirstie is safe! Kendra is safe, and clearly thought she was going home, and she doesn't look all that thrilled about being saved. Sugar Ray and Anna are in jeopardy. Noooooooooooooooo. Anna forever!

Final elimination. OMG YAY PETRA AND DMITRY ARE SAFE. OH WAIT THAT MEANS SUGAR RAY AND ANNA ARE GOING HOME. NOOOO. Anna is resigned and hugs Sugar Ray before Tom even speaks. She's awfully classy at losing at this show. Tom says Len called Sugar Ray the heart of the show. Anna says she had fun and is still swooning that he agreed to go to ballet. The orchestra plays bittersweet symphony and there are lots of hugs and it's saaaaad. I mean, Sugar Ray Leonard doesn't even get to dance for Patriot Week? WHERE IS JUSTICE.
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