Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

Boiling popsicle sticks isn't normal...

... but on craft it is.

Mama Red, via telephone, hearing stove vent: "Are you making dinner?"
Me: "No, I'm boiling popsicle sticks."
Mama: "To eat!?"
Me: "It's Craft from Stash month and I have an infestation of popsicle sticks, so I thought I'd try this."
Mama: "Why do you have popsicle sticks?"
Me: "Because they only come in, like, packs of 10,000. I've been carrying them around for years!"
Mama: "But why did you buy them in the first place?"
Me: "I don't remember. It probably involved a glue gun."
Mama: "... oh. Well, make sure to make some actual food, too."

Craft. Not even once.
Tags: crafts

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