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Virtual garden!

Clearly, you all want to vicariously enjoy my garden with me. Right? Right? And don't feel like this is an inequitable deal here, because chances are I won't get to eat any food from it either, because I have a habit of growing robust plants that robustly refuse to produce fruit. So!

Here is my container garden! I have no land, which is a tragedy, but last year I managed to lay claim to these pots in front of my neighbor's apartment. The previous tenant ripped out her plants when she left, leaving the terra cotta planters, and I went in like a ninja and planted things quickly before the new tenant could move in. Now that tenant thinks the planters are mine. SUCCESS.

The sad part is that this staircase, as well as our terrace being surrounded by buildings on all sides, means that we've got limited hours of direct sunlight. This causes my mom great distress: "But plants need more sun than that!"

I said, "It'll be fiiiiine."

"Sweetie," she said, clearly concerned that I hadn't gotten the message the first time she explained this to me when I was four, "Plants need sun to live. Like girls need oxygen."

I said, "They're just going to have to tough it out!" But I actually feel a lot of guilt about being unable to move the building for them.

These pots get the most sunlight, and so we've got a cherry tomato plant in the right hand one (excuse me, a "Super 100 Hybrid" because tomato varieties don't have normal names anymore), along with some sweet basil and some seeds for marigolds, carrots and green onions. The pot on the left has four of the saddest sugar snaps you've ever seen. I wasn't even planning to plant those, but I saw them flattened and dried out in the garden store. I think someone stuck a box of other plants on top of them or something! I planted them and wrapped their little sticky tendrils around the tomato cage to prop them up, and gave them room-temperature water like I do with seeds, and they already look more vibrant than they did yesterday.

In my quest to grow shit that will actually produce noms in partial shade, the pot on the right is full of alternating broccoli and cauliflower, with some red lettuce in the middle. Those lettuces were sadly pretty mangled when I got them, so I'm sort of expecting them to die - if that happens, I'll stick some bush beans in there when it gets warmer. The left-hand pot is strawberries! The big plant in the center survived the winter, to my great surprise, so I gave it a few friends and have hope of at least eight delicious strawberries come July.

Speaking of things that survived the winter: that colossal parsley plant. Parsley is really stemmy in the second year, so my mom suggested I plant new parsley, but I'd feel like a bitch ripping it out after it went to all that effort to not die, so I just planted some new parsley next to it. I hear a rumor that parsley goes to seed after the 2nd season and I can then make soup with the roots or something? Also in that pot are dill and impatiens, and some seeds for radishes and chives. Radishes grew okay last year, but chives totally refused to grow at all, so I'm... doing the exact same thing this year hoping for different results. Left hand pot has some other varieties of lettuce and spinach. They're all jammed in too close because I overestimated how much planter space I actually had, but hopefully things will work out okay!

This is the geranium I just couldn't leave in the store. Her name is Bettie, and she's in her own pot so that I can move her somewhere else to get more sun if she doesn't get enough here, but that's the sunniest corner so it should be fine. Behind her is the Toughest Plant I've Ever Met. This plant survived being COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN in a west-facing baking-sun window with no water for an entire summer. Apparently it's some kind of feng shui "fortune plant," but my fortunes are not nearly so resilient.

I ran out of pots but still wanted to garden, so I took some of the empty plastic doodles that my starter plants came in, packed them with potting soil and popped in some seeds to grow under a full-spectrum lamp indoors to slot into the garden wherever another plant fails. If by some miracle everyone survives, I will have a legit excuse to buy more pots and take over more of the communal terrace.

Do you have a garden? Will you show me a picture? :)

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