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I forgot to get my car inspected.

Having to go do that now before work probably shouldn't annoy the hell out of me, since it's my fault I didn't notice (June is done? Really? *REALLY*?) and yay that my father even noticed, but apparently I'm having an ungleee week.

For no reason. Because work has been good in that I'm now really only doing the hours I'm supposed to do, and despite a number of important to-dos I keep missing because I am SLEEPING all fucking day stuff is going all right.

I think I figured out why I have been so reluctant for the new Stargate season to start, and it has really nothing to do with the show. It's because, when last season ended, I *really* thought I would be all better by now.

I have a lot more unnecessary complaining in me -- it's been one of *those* weeks, and here's hoping that it really was because of the premiere and once that's over I can return to my regularly scheduled gleee party -- but apparently I have to go inspect my car.

I actually enjoyed doing that last year. It's amazing how much more fun I got out of things when I wasn't exhausted all the time.

-- Little Red, who really shouldn't be this bitchy before she gets out of bed

EDIT: Car passed! And guy was really really cute! And wearing a Red Sox hat!! And, apparently, when my father went back to get *his* car inspected later that day, he asked about me a lot. Clearly, I suck, because there was SO an opening for me to be like "So, you think the Sox are turning it back around?" BUT I was too mono-y and tired and ARRGHH!

So what do I do now? Go loiter around the mechanic's shop? *eyes mother's car*... I wonder how long until THAT needs to get inspected...

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