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Things I am actually doing right now:

1) Feeling actively bereft because I missed the hour of Dancing With the Recap timewaster before the results show tonight.

2) Not watching Body of Proof, the show I was OMG OTP-ing about last week, because I just wasn't ready to give up my Dancing squeee yet.

All this is because:

3) I am actually OTP shipping an RPF pairing on this show right now.

They had me at "Part-Time Lover"
(Their whole segment from Week 2 is here, in which Hines tries to teach Kym the appropriate use of "crunkin'" which is evidently not crossover slang with Australia - and they dance adorably, too.)

4) I have lots of headcanon and started planning thoroughly embarrassing fic about how they'll take the plane ride to the GMAs after the finale and she'll be all crushed that it's over and then they'll make plans to meet up in Pittsburgh and cook food and watch movies and my fantasies are really boring, but here's how cute they already were on their first rehearsal day:

Their babies will have really incredible teeth.

5) I just about lost it a moment ago when searching for photos and I came across this video where interviewers ask them about their romantic chemistry, and I was like WHAT WHAT I'M NOT ALONE? Where is my tabloid fanfic dammit!? I'll spare you the whole thing with the following transcript:

Interviewer: There are a lot of rumors swirling... are there rules at Dancing With the Stars about no romance with your partners?
Kym: No, there's no rules like that, but you do spend a lot of time with each other, and we have fun...
Interviewer: How much fun?
Hines: I try to be romantic every day I see her, but she's not buying it.

6) Dude, she's totally buying it.

7) I'm sharing the video with you EVEN THOUGH I said I would spare you:

8) I just spent half an hour wrestling with the moral issues of trying to get around imdb's photo download restrictions to ultimately screen shot this copyrighted photo of this key image from their tango yesterday. MY NEED WAS GREAT:

9) I can't believe I've pulled two pictures now and Kym isn't wearing tassels in either of them. Girlfriend's costume wardrobe is 90% tassel. TASSELS:

She even wears tank tops with tassels on them on rehearsal days.

10) I just combed through hulu on fullscreen to screencap the officer and a gentleman ending to their rhumba:

In the rehearsal package for this they are the broiest of bros and continually bruise each other with dancing missteps, but it's okay! True love comes from friendship and at least dropping her only when it's not liiiiiiiive.

11) I'm staying up hours past my bedtime to revel in my new OTP and spam the heck out of the two or three people who risked clicking the cut-tag. Pimpin' ain't easy but it's necessary and futile because the intersection of people who watch this show and support RPF is probably just me.

There's a lot more crack where this came from.

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