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"How can I better enable Little Red today?"

I am still really stupidly enamored with Hines & Kym from Dancing With the Stars. I need enablers because I'm starting to feel a little crazy talking about this show with coworkers who watch TV like normal people and maybe like a pairing and vote for them and whatever but don't spend hours scouring the internet for interview quotes and picking out china patterns for your imaginary couple.

So you can better enable me, I have lovingly copy/pasted the embed codes for all of their segments & dances from the show below this LJ cut. (Thanks, youtube user codebear4! You make my life complete!)

The best part: even if you think that shipping two real actual humans is Wrong Wrong Wrong, you can still enjoy these videos and enjoy the sparkly dances and hot people. If RPF is not your cup of tea, I suggest an alternate pairing of Kym/Tassels!

Week 1: Cha-cha-cha

(Kym/Tassels 'shippers take note!)

Week 2: Quickstep

I LOVE EVERY BIT OF THIS. An exchange of slang, Kym's lipstick gets everywhere, and I swear Carrie Ann drinks during taping. Also my favorite costumes of the season - no tassels, but Kym looks amazing!

Week 3: Samba

Hines calls Kym his full-time lover, but his heart belongs to mama. Meanwhile, the judges continue to have designs on Hines' ass, and Kym cheats on the tassels with her alternate OTP, spray-tan.

Week 3, results: Samba encore

Possibly the most on-screen happiness in a single segment ever.

Week 4: Paso Doble

I saw an interview the week after this when they talk about how Kym's covered in bruises from this dance - you can see why! No tassels, but it's epic.

Week 5: Rumba

This is the dance of love, and love hurts. But tassels: tassels never hurt! PATRIOTIC TASSELS!

Week 6: Viennese Waltz

Hines cheats on Kym with a pillow. Kym cheats on tassels with some wrist-scarves. Bruno ships these two nearly as much as I do.

Week 7 team dance: Cha-cha-challenge

Rehearsal tassels! Wise words from Kirstie Alley: "When in doubt, shake your ass." God, I love the team dances. The judges appreciate the T&A of this team, except the guest judge who's too busy making horrible jokes.

Week 7 individual dance: Tango

Hines' football bros come to mock, and I fall to pieces with delight over unnecessary hand-holding and Kym's amazing legwarmers. Bruno gives either their tango or their sexual tension a 10 - you can never tell with Bruno.

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