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speaking of pants...

So this dude has left, no exaggeration, *eight* messages over the past three days about these pants that he wants to order.

And he has talked to me twice and to Mary at least once. About pants. California drawstring pants. Very *specific* California drawstring pants. Which we don't have. But might have something kind of similar to, apparently, if he calls often enough.

*eyes dude*

I, like, admire your dedication to pants and all...

Next time I talk to him, I should ask if he's a 'shipper. Or, you know, wants to be. Or at least, is a distant psychic cousin of me and elly427 and aj.

It's bad when one's made-up fandoms start interfering with one's ability to keep a straight face at work. And yet, awesome.

-- Little Red, who has been very amused to leave all sorts of memos with the subject "re: pants" all over the place the past few days...

p.s. lyssie wins a lot of points. Also, mystic_isles000 for making me take a break and eat a cookie. My day is now spectacularly less mono-y and sucktastic :)

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