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Little Red

I'm really sorry...

But you guys are just going to have to deal with this until the end of DWTS. Only two weeks left!

When asked if they're going to start making out in their dances, Hines says they have to practice so they'll hold off til the finals. Then:

Kym: "What's our lucky charm? Each other, I think. We've got a good bond."
Hines: "We've got a great bond. We're going to become very close if we make it to the finals."

OKAY. I seriously can't decide anymore if I want to pretend they're already hitting it or that they're rocking the UST thing until the finals, and I'm starting to lean hard on the latter because it seems to be ridiculously true.

Poor bbs are so exhausted, and I winced a little when Hines talked about wanting Kym to push him and give him harder choreography. Oh God, I seriously cannot cope with whatever awful montage they will put together on Monday of her falling and getting crunched. Nuuuu.

Also: Joanna Krupa is a hilariously terrible interviewer. I especially love when Kym has to point to remind Joanna that Hines is actually the one competing with Chelsea. Joanna, you were on this show. You know how this works.

What if I wrote these two for Kiss Kiss Big Bang. WHAT IF.
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