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The Hours After The Night Before

Well! This happened.

Objectively? That finale was duller than some and I kind of expected everything to be... more, but I think that's because the semi-finals were so freaking over the top. However, I don't really care about that because I am on Team Hines & Kym's Future Babies, and I'm pretty sure that's still on, so. Dances!

Their Quickstep! Len felt up Hines more than Kym did, but the routine is freaking precious and Hines says they'll reprise the dance and he's taking Kym clubbing later. Aww. Brooke really wants them to confess their love on the air and/or she's just completely confused by all the cute and really wants this cleared up. I think that if Brooke has figured out the futuristic space magic of cell phones, she's going to be texting Kym nonstop over the hiatus until Kym admits they're doing it.

Their freestyle! First of all, I found this super-cute recap article from eonline where Hines & Kym talk about their freestyle plans:

"It was her vision. She had this vision week five! I took her to a Hawks game and she saw these drummers," Hines began before his partner adorably interrupts his thought. "It was at a basketball game! I thought they would be amazing as a freestyle," she finishes gleefully.

Their Not Dating is so adorable I can't even cope.

Speaking of, in the rehearsal footage for this when they start talking about visualizing the championship and she gives him this cute smile I decided that they are so totally planning to have a lot of sex after the finale.

SO CUTE! And they totally kiss at the end possibly by accident but it's TOO CUTE. And omg, Brooke asks them how they will handle saying goodbye and they both pause for a split second and Hines says they have a lifelong friendship and Kym is grinning and they SO TOTALLY have talked about this. They have a sex pact, y'all. Which may, in fact, be why Hines told Entertainment Weekly that he's already won.

While we're waiting for post-show interviews to show up, some rehearsal footage from earlier! She's like "I don't have to wear a neck brace!" and Hines is like "You're totally putting that back on." And she totally loves it. I love him mother-henning her, and her mom's in town and you know she loves that too and is like KYM. KYM. I LIKE HIM. (He's not wearing his blingtacular earrings and I legitimately had a split-second fantasy that he was actually going to give one to her like she jokingly asked in that one Dancers Confessional. I mean, I get that Kym probably wants a mirrorball at this point more than diamonds, but you can get her both.)

Also, Good Morning America video behind the scenes of the final camera blocking. Hines says he's going to dance with Kym at the club later to her surprise, and she looks adorable as she tries to play it cool but admits that she's a little spooked about tricks after the accident.

YAYYYYYY post-show footage!!!

Kym: "I feel so safe in his arms." I realize this is totally relevant to the death-defying dance they just performed but I'm just going to lift that quote out of context and squeee for days. (Also? That she can say that after her near-death experience and appear to 100% mean it while little hearts go spinning around her head? She is so in love.)

Access Hollywood is HOLDING OUT on us. They posted Chelsea and Kirstie's videos like HOURS AGO, and I have sleeping to do! So I will add that tomorrow and link you for now to this adorable video that I somehow completely missed from after their Viennese Waltz night where Kym says her favorite thing about the show is spending every day with Hines. There is not enough squeee in the world. They have this totally adorable combination of being responsible grown-ups doing their jobs and being adorable and crushing on each other. <3 <3 <3

ETA!: We don't get Access Hollywood Batshipper Reporter this week (I really need to send her a fruit basket or something). Her fill in, Reverse Psychology Reporter, pressures them to admit that this is their Last Dance and to squash the rumors that something is going on outside the show. Kym and Hines dutifully call each other friends while hugging all over each other and then Kym promises to visit Pittsburgh and finally Hines can't take saying over and over that he's not going to be getting any and says that they'll be dancing together at the club all the time. I think that's what we're calling it nowadays. Any bets? How long do we give this before it's legit dating? I'm still putting the over-under on forty-five minutes.

Also, shares my feelings that the real prize this season is Hines and Kym getting to dance together at the club all the time when all this is over. One of their reporterettes made a video summing up that they really should be dating. No new footage, but they do mention that Hines is divorced and Kym hasn't mentioned a boyfriend in a long while and that Cheryl apparently says that you inevitably end up sleeping with your DWTS partner which I'm sure is great news for all the wives of the dudes she's paired with (interesting side note on Hines' ex-wife - I saw on the internet that she turned down Real Housewives of Atlanta). I'm not linking it to you because they throw in a fast clip of Kym's neck getting crunched and I almost got whiplash trying to cover my face in time and I just need to spare you from that. YOU'RE WELCOME.

ETA: I'm just going to keep dumping links in here because no1curr, but Kym chatted with someone from Esquire who seemed oddly annoyed to get this assignment given how hot she is. Girlfriend knows her audience, because her pitch to watch the show is Where else can you see pretty girls dancing around in close to nothing? Oh, Kym. She's still pretending there's no sex pact, though:

Esquire:What's with all the chemistry between ballroom dancers and jocks?

KJ: Spending that much time with someone can do that for you. With Hines, I've got a friendship now for life. Everyone I've danced with I'm still really good friends with. I mean, you do spend eight hours a day together, for a good thirteen weeks. It's a lot of time with two people working toward one common goal. It does make you bond.

But I'll still call it squeee-positive because:

ESQ: ... what kind of partner might you be hoping for next season?

KJ: I've just had the best time with Hines. He's such an amazing person and the best partner. I can't even wrap my head around it right now.

Well, should she decide this season can't be topped, I think Maks and Tony would probably open a studio for her in Pittsburgh. ;)

ETA: There is ALWAYS MORE. All of the finalists are totally on life support right now - Maks has food poisoning, Mark had a fever, Kym "feels like a football player" because of all the treatments she's requiring. Hines holds her hand when she gets shots. I couldn't make this up.

Linkdrop: Kym's last blog of the season for OK! in which she still refuses to say Hines is the best of all her partners (I really thought he'd badger her into admitting that before the season was out), says they will DEFINITELY be keeping in touch but not specifically in a sex pact way, and whatever, she's going to be on the East Coast for the hiatus so I will infer what I want. (She will be there engaging in my personal worst nightmare - being a celebrity spokesperson on the home shopping network - but at least that explains why she's been so fixated on wearing fake bangs all season long.)
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  • meme!

    Dammit. I try to avoid these, but this one from anuna_81 is too cute and I've got a cold so I really want attention. What? You know

  • you guys you guys you guys!

    Fandom recs and babbling below! Short version: Read: Blank Slate by irony_rocks Watch: Running Up That Hill fanvid by…

  • idk why not?

    Yoinked from anuna_81. mah icons. default oldest newest saddest happiest angriest…