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Planet Mirrorball, Your New King and Queen...

ETA: I don't think I mentioned just how much I LOVE ALL OF YOU who showed up for my liveblog crack last night. You made drinking alone in my apartment feel really cool and I love you for it. <3

EEEEEE. Man, I just loved this whole season. Petra. PETRA. Is she not the sweetest person ever? My God. She is the high priestess of Planet Mirrorball, I think. Josh Groban surprised her mid-dance in the finale and it was so utterly sweet. And Chris Jericho needs to be a continuing feature on this show. Oh, and Hines and Kym are going to have beautiful babies. The squeee is going to be massive and never-ending until it ends in a day or two when the internet stops overflowing with interviews and videos and OTP OTP OTP and the DWTS spam will settle down into a more sedate kind of "is Little Red still writing fanfic about that?" Hines & Kym: OTP in the eyes of America for the day, IN MY HEART OF HEARTS FOREVER.

Okay, there is so much craziness that we'll just start with: FIRST THEY WON A MIRRORBALL TROPHY.

They were really happy about it:

Because they are the King and Queen of Dorkistan as well as Pittsburgh and Planet Mirrorball, they do the send-up of Derek and J-Grey's ridiculous mirrorball pose from last season that they hilariously promised they would do:

But BEFORE all of that! They did the Samba that will become a theme of this post. I don't even know WHERE TO START on this footage. When his favorite dance was the Foxtrot where he proposed to her? (Kym vetoes this idea because apparently she cares about showcasing his strengths and winning a mirrorball more than she cares about the very real possibility that he would have given her actual diamonds in a re-do of that routine.) When he takes his pants off and dances with her in underwear reminiscent of bike shorts? When he says he'll miss the dancing and then hugs her in this adorable little-kid way and says he will miss her? When he runs over to kiss his mom and she shoos him back over to be judged? (That's not shippy, but it is hilarious.) When she grabs his hand to wrap it around her while they're at the judges' table? When Bruno says "We all fall in love!" and Hines kisses Kym's temple? I could probably stop this post right here and we'd be set on shipsqueee for a week.

I noticed they modified the routine so she doesn't do some of the crazier bits that would have hurt her neck and just does kicks instead. Safety first, kids!

During the Samba, Louis and the dancer I'm now forever calling Sugarplum out Hines/Kym for the world on The Twitter:

@LouisVanAmstel: Watching @mvp86hinesward n @kym_johnson doing their samba. Both @CherylBurke n I think they should get married. They're such a lovely couple

HAHAHA. All of DWTS is on the Hines/Kym OTP shiptrain. Cheryl, Louis, I'm counting on you to choreograph a bit where he surprises Kym in a pro number in some future season. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Also, The Dancers Confess from Monday! Hines wants another kiss. They laugh about the not-quite-kiss at the end of the Freestyle.. Hines knows a routine went well when he sees Kym's smile. AWWW.

So yes, that happened, and then they won a mirrorball! Huzzah! After the ecstasy, the press lines!

I love this interviewer from ontheredcarpet, mostly because the pros seem to really love him. He always puts them at ease. Hines talks about how unlike a team victory for a Superbowl this was just him & Kym, and she continues the season-long Hines-is-amazing lovefest and there's snuggling and awwww. I want someone to take that trophy from her, though. It looks heavy and I worry. (I'm also feeling the strong urge to bake her some muffins or something. Hines' mom: feed that girl!)

Oooh! Prayer answered! Kym does this one without the trophy in hand. The island vacation seems to be on hold so that Hines can have thumb surgery next week (this is a thing for football players I guess?), but they have plans to visit each other and the interviewer speaks for all of us when he's like whatever, surgery, go recuperate together!

Then they do Jimmy Kimmel and continue to pretend they're not dating! Jimmy asks Kym how she can be feeling Hines up while she calls him A Really Good Friend, and she totally does not pull her hand away. RIGHT. Also, Hines continues his (adorable) season-long quest* to make Kym call him her best partner on national TV, and nearly succeeds when he points out that the It's All About Donny Osmond Road Show predicted Chelsea would win. HA.
*Those vids are both insanely cute if you haven't seen them, vid 1 is the first time they find out everyone thinks they're hooking up, and vid 2 is a results show clip from week 7 where the couples interrogate each other over what Tom calls a poker/psychic table.

OKAY. I am going to edit and update this with more but I am basically making this a LIVELINKBLOG so that mspooh can appreciate these before the East Coast goes to bed. ;)

After all of this! They get on a plane to New York for the GMAs. Kym tweets this photo of them in what appears to be the official ABC party plane:

She also continues the season-long Hines fangirling about how he's such a great man and the best partner and awww. Kym rarely tweets, and when she does, it's always hearts-n-flowers. I am really quite disappointed in the contestants who do overtweet - Kirstie and Chelsea - for not tweeting revenge photos from the plane of Hines & Kym liquored up and all over each other. I thought FOR SURE they'd make this happen for me.

So! They get off the ABC Party Plane to go to Good Morning America:

I was totally staring at Kym's chest in this photo for a really long time, which is ironic because she's never this covered. But I think I'm hallucinating Mickey Mouse on her shirt?

Kym almost has the Royal Wave down. Handholding!

Handholding through fucktons of glitter! I love the bit in the video (below) where Chelsea's like, after doing DWTS, you don't even notice glitter anymore, it's just expected.


This became my iphone wallpaper today. If you're still reading this far into this post you can't judge me.

Okay I'm just adding this one to show that girlfriend's crazy uniskort has pockets! Pink and practical.

Good Morning America! Kym is totally the most hyper, but they're all punchy (except Mark, who's sleep deprived and really trying not to be cranky). Hines is going to give Kym a tribute from his day job by doing cha-cha touchdown dances. They show the lingo-exchange from Week 2 with current reaction shots of glee. Hines looked forward to practice every morning to "learn dance and learn each other." It's just. All of this is so sweet and all of the couples love each other so much by Hines & Kym love each other in a way where their babies will totally watch this season one day and be like "DAD HOW DID YOU LET MOM DRESS LIKE THAT!?" He's totally giving Kym that DWTS champ jersey to sleep in, by the way.

And Maks reacting to sex-on-a-stick and Mark: "I have never seen you blush!" *dies* And Mark and Chelsea broke onto the Price is Right set. This video is PERFECTION.

The segment continues outside! This is less Hines/Kym centric and viewer questions always make me feel a little awkward, but I love that Chelsea stole her American Flag fringe pants. Hines hopes the lockout gets resolved (can he be Kym's houseboyfriend during the fall DWTS season if it doesn't?). Kyle Massey looks hilarious in a silver suit. Maks always wanted to be a swimmer and this makes SO MUCH SENSE. I think I just developed a crush on him.

Aaaand Hines and Kym do an adorable casual-dress version of their samba:

Then they get a cab or something to Regis & Kelly, on their quest to see how many times you can samba on no sleep and how many skorts Kym actually owns. Kelly is completely overcome by their cuteness, which I imagine is somehow even more blinding in person, and squeals, "You two adore each other!" and they're like, yeah, we do. Kym nods very knowingly like she understands things about the NFL lockout, which is very cute (and she probably does understand things if he's been talking about it, and I like the idea of her commiserating with him on this topic).


Okay, for those of you writing fanfic at home, What's Next For Our Heroes:

Hines' immediate plans involve surgery, his son, and driving the trophy around a victory lap of Atlanta. This video is kind of a nonstory except that it's short enough that Joanna Krupa doesn't get on my nerves:

Kym details her plans in her last blog of the season for OK! magazine, bringer of ridiculous shippy moments all season:

We are DEFINITELY going to stay in touch after this. Hines is going to be a life-long friend. We’ve just really had so much fun together. I’m going to miss him SO much when all of this is done, but you know what, it’s fine. We’ll definitely be keeping in touch! I’ll have to make a trip to Atlanta and to Pittsburgh to see him play football. I can’t wait to go and watch him in action, he’s told me all about it but I’ve never seen him play football, so I really want to go and see him play.

Emphasis hers, not mine. I think she's going to clear up her Just Friends misconception pretty quickly, no?

I don’t have much downtime because after this I’m pretty much busy: I’m going to Vegas to do a show; to Mohegan Sun to do a show; then I’m going to be in Tampa on HSN for the Dancing With the Stars hair collection, selling the collection I’ve been wearing throughout the season. I’m excited about that. So I’m pretty busy but hopefully in the next couple of months I can get a good five days where I can take some time off.

I might watch football for this ship, but I am not watching the Home Shopping Network. THE LINE MUST BE DRAWN HERE. Oh God, what if I do watch the Home Shopping Network. *facepalm*

I sort of can't believe this post just took my entire evening and yet I will probably revisit it and cherish it always SO THERE'S THAT. Aaaaand fanfic forever. Yay! By the way, now that they've won, I've decided that my island vacation fanfic is totally canon and I even got over the cheesiness of it because they're just like that.

Every now and again I remember these are real people and I kind of freak out about what a creeper I am. OMG. Their luv makes me blog crazy shit on livejournal, y'all. I... am totally going to write more fanfic anyway.
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