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The love and spray-tan never stops.

I thought these posts were going to stop.

WHAT THE CUTE. He's like, girl, I have the trophy right here that proves we won the show, now can we keeeessssssss? and I can only assume she figures that out nanoseconds after this photo was snapped. *dies* CANON.

Also canon: He took her shopping in New York after their ten thousand morning-show sambas were done and bought her things at Louis Vuitton and carried the bag for her and any single one of those things on their own would be enough to make her grin like this:

Normal humans need not try wearing jeans that skinny. Results are not typical.

Then they went out and partied with Kirstie and Maks which, let's be real, are probably super awesome people to party with. Maks had somebody camera phone drunken posing, but if there were camera-phone pics of makeouts, I haven't found them. Twitter oversharers, you have failed me.

And then Kirstie took Hines aside and said, in her typically restrained manner, "If you don't take that girl back to your hotel room RIGHT NOW, you suck."

And! Supremely cute interview bits that we didn't already see from post-finale press call where Hines takes up Kym's usual hearts-n-flowers-and-praise mantle.

For example, this interview from eonline:

"Kym took this guy who didn't dance— who didn't even go to his prom—and she's my prom date right here now."

Awww!! He then says he hopes Kym will come see him play in Pittsburgh, and I imagine her response was try and stop me, because what else could you possibly say at that point?

Speaking of Pittsburgh? They are legitimately considering throwing a parade. Not surprising, given how many people turned out to watch the finale in mob form:

Kym's future loyal subjects.

SERIOUSLY. AN ACTUAL PARADE. Whenever I say The New King and Queen of Pittsburgh I am seriously 100% not even joking right now. Their future firstborn child has already been elected mayor in the landslide 2050 election.

Backstage after the show, Kym makes the cutest faces ever while Hines says he's relieved he didn't let her down and calls her "a special teacher and a great woman." They cut him off before he finishes that sentence with 'and mother to the future mayor of Pittsburgh'.

And the interviewer in this one is kind of goofy, so Hines basically steamrolls over his questions and says that it was his and Kym's last dance together, but her name is on the trophy and so he will cherish it forever and then she talks about how they bonded and I just love how she plays with his collar for the entire rest of the interview. The most OTP that ever OTP'd, my god.

And I don't really have anything interesting to say about this but I like this picture so:

This is saved as awwwwww.jpg.
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