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Coming September 25th

For het_bigbang:

Something for Breakfast:
A Multifandom Breakfast Anthology

stexgirl2000 pretty much overturned democracy by sheer force of her allcapping. The plan is 25 stories, 25 het pairings from various fandoms having, you know, breakfast. rosewildeirish wanted some kind of actual plot thread connecting them all, where they're solving some kind of intergalactic cross-dimensional breakfast mystery (I wasn't quite clear on what she was requesting, specifically), but I think I might just go for a "really? you're writing another thing about freaking breakfast?" theme. That's more my style. I don't really have the head for keeping track of multi-fandom plot elements. Also because I have rpf pairings, and I'm not quite sure how they would be involved in anything cross-dimensional.

This might be the worst Big Bang offering of all time. We'll see.

(Well, no, the worst Big Bang offering of all time would be the bizarre mental image I just had while writing that sentence about cross-dimensional rpf where we pretend Planet Mirrorball is actually another planet and voila, sci-fi! "Gee, there sure are a lot of sequins and has-beens on this planet...")

I do still really want to write those novel-y things I talked about in my poll that you all diligently voted for and then I mostly ignored. Especially that DS9 one. It's been chewing little holes in my brain. And Sparky of course, because they deserve longfic treatment at some point soon. *nods* I just shouldn't commit to writing multiple Big Bangs because failing two times is twice as bad as failing once.

If I am making a DRAMATIC ERROR IN JUDGMENT, please notify me before noon, because at that time irony_rocks is shutting. everything. down. on the Kiss Kiss Big Bang and I will be locked into nothing but breakfast for the next 117 days.

Also, I'm not sure I can even think of 25 het pairings, let alone 25 breakfast-related plots, so requests and suggestions are welcome. :)

ETA: Any bets on how many times I will use the world breakfast in the final fic? ;)
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