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Little Red

a problem I really should have anticipated

The problem with deciding to write a multifandom breakfast anthology for het_bigbang is that I will basically want to eat nothing except breakfast for the entire summer.

(I almost went out for pancakes just now, but I decided that going out for pancakes at 6:30 pm might be okay, but doing it alone is just pushing it a little too far.)

Random breakfast fact: my parents, to this day, believe I invented banana pancakes. (Like everything else, though, I got the idea from Star Trek.)

Goal: 25 pairings/stories.
Written: 1
Actually Good: 0

I really need breakfast icons.

Oh, and in case you thought I had been completely possessed by breakfast, your latest Dancing With the Stars shenanigans:

Hines calls a radio show and says Kym's coming to Pittsburgh for events, but he doesn't specifically say that sex-pact sex isn't one of those events. (The post that linked me to that radio broadcast misquoted it as saying he's seen Kym every day since the finale, and I was like, webcams? Teleportation? Because I'm fucking creepy and know from twitter that they were on separate coasts last week. God, why do I let myself on the internet?)

Kym's back on the hearts-n-flowers twitter wagon and calls Hines her hero and the Argentine Tango her favorite moment of DWTS which, I mean, a) she's been doing DWTS for twelve seasons, and b) she was surely in a fuck ton of pain (she also said she was scared to walk down the stairs at the beginning of the dance, and I link you to that mostly because some awesome person replied: If you had been unable to dance with Hines would they have had Jonathan Roberts fill in for you? Oh, the man-go was the best).

ETA: Man-go.
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