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Critical Glitter Deficiency

I'm going through withdrawal. I'm wasting away here as a pale shell of myself without the constant infusion of spray-tanned bodies and awkwardly covered pop tunes. (Bizarre sidenote: People in my office today were talking about how they apparently go spray-tanning all the time. The fuck? People do that outside of reality shows? I thought that was strictly limited to Jersey Shore, Dancing With the Stars and child-abuse sideshow Toddlers and Tiaras.)

So I scoured the internet and found a few videos I hadn't seen from a Pittsburgh local news site. Local news is such a weird thing, primarily because the local newscasters all seem like they're from the group of slightly odd, close-talking people at your local church who decide they're best friends with you. I don't even know.

Pre-season interview! Hines is already competitive with her former partners. Kym's hearts-n-flowers train pulls out of the station. The bit of Hines' house we see is a-ma-zing. Kym's out for redemption after The Season of Hoff that Wasn't. I love this. Watch eeeet.

After the first dance which the news anchors hilariously call a Champion Cha-Cha. Adorable interview. Kym is hyper and is all excited that he calls her his quarterback and is teaching her about football, and thinks him drawing up football-play versions of the dances is the cutest thing ever. It kind of is. I forget which one of you enablers (mspooh?) decided he keeps these pieces of paper forever as a playbook to Kym's romantic fantasies that she has conveniently been choreographing for him week after week. ;) And apparently all the other contestants are already talking about their "chemistry."

Raw interview video when they were in Pittsburgh. Kym doesn't quite know what to make of Hines' WR greatest hits, and she spends the interview playing with the Steelers bracelet he gave her. Hines isn't a fan of how much skin Kym wants him to show. There's also long raw video of their press conference at one of the fancy-dress dos they went to. Kym will make such a gracious queen for Pittsburgh, haha:

There was also a rehearsal clip from the week of the awkward tango where they actually sounded kind of convincing about being Just Friends and Hines compares her to a football teammate, but then they proceed to be stupidly adorable as per usual. We'll just assume the harsh conditions of the sex pact were wearing on them and/or they were genuinely committed to the just-friends train until the neck drama a few weeks later. Not sure which possibility is cuter, actually. Also, seriously, who is this reporter woman. What is her deal.

After the finale: Kym finally says Hines was her best partner and then goes on to say he's the best of everybody ever. Hines rewards her by saying he's "sleeping with the trophy tonight." Ha! Whatever, no one sleeps at all on the ABC Party Plane. Kym also tells her subjects in Pittsburgh that she'll be visiting soon. Sex pact! God Save the Queen! And another interview that same night where they talk about the injury and not letting each other down and the fuzzy math of Kym's second trophy actually being her third and you can tell Hines is still kinda freaked out by her injury two weeks later and she just adores him and I could run-on sentence about this forever.

I wish my muse were not being cranky about ficwriting today. I am the only person writing DWTS RPF after all, and the current supply can't keep up with my demand.

ETA: Then I had to go watch their Viennese Waltz just because. (As Kyle said last year, it's like the waltz, but... Viennese. I am really easily amused.) It's not related to anything above except for how sweet they are. <3

And a post-interview I don't think I've posted before. Kym wants to see Hines sing in the Steelers locker room showers. I might have to even give her a pass on the apparent kinkiness of that, because that sounds hilarious.
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