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The Obsession That Keeps on Giving

I love the internet. I'm not sure which google robot I tipped off or whatever, but now I've got people awesomely showing up on my journal and sending me adorable Hines/Kym links, which makes me feel substantially less alone after I spent my weekend wrestling with deep issues like am I writing a Big Bang about DWTS after all? and can you actually write porn in the second person and not sound like you're violating your audience?

So, I'm taking a break from that to share the multi-media spoils with you. You're welcome.

First of all? andiethewestie showed up to casually drop this photo like "oh, I screencapped this bit where they TOTALLY ACTUALLY MADE OUT for like a nanosecond":

We'll just consider this a down payment on sex pact fulfillment.

Then, Tony the Reporter busts out a bow tie and some adorable NFL fanboying, and he and Hines discuss at length how Kym's sexy cheerleader outfit will basically destroy football as we know it, and THEIR HANDS, YOU GUYS. You know how anr asks for hand holding in every single ficathon? Clearly this is because it's Aussie code for there's only one day left of this show and we totally have a sex pact. It's like Australian first base. *nods*

More from Tony the Reporter, from the semi-final results night. I think Kym was sharing her painkillers around - that's really the only explanation for this. Tony gives a shout-out to Maks and Erin's bed freestyle when Kym refuses to promise that she'll keep her feet on the ground, and I love the undertone that all the pro dancers kind of find the Rumba hilarious, because, well, it kind of is. Also, Kirstie nearly choked to death on a parakeet once and Chelsea wanted Mark to dance on the GMAs in his underwear.

While I'm here, I found a ton of backstage pics from OK! magazine, the patron magazine of DWTS batshippers everywhere, so here's a few from the season:

How it all began.

How can you not love them?

I need these legwarmers. NEED. I foresee a lot of knitting in my future.

They were insufficiently cute perhaps in the last picture, so here.

Speaking of cute: Karina in pigtails!

Kym and The Dancer Forever Known On This Blog As Sugarplum, week 2! :)

Actually my favorite outfit of Kym's all season. I couldn't help but OTP them after this because they look SO DAPPER.

Can't get enough of this outfit... lalala... just move along...

I think Karina just asked, "So... is he married?"

So cute when they're excited. :)

Proving tough guys can totally pose with flowers and a glitzy costume.

Sugar Ray and Sugar Plum Fairy Princess Anna. AWW.

I love that all the post-episode interviews from this night have Hines talking about how she was distracting him with her hotness and "she can't keep wearing that dress, I tell you that." Which is a good thing, because if you love Kym and don't find tassels hot, you're in trouble.

Wha... did he just borrow Ralph's hair?

Apparently everyone just rolls around on the floor in the celebuquarium between takes?

I love that she stole his hat. SO CUTE.

I loved this outfit.

Kim Kardashian, eat your heart out.

Instant what now?

I liked their arbitrary leprechaun outfits.

Pre-disaster Argentine Tango rehearsal clips.

"Come on, sunshine."

Awwww! Also, I'm totally sure she just wears these backless shirts for the cameras.

"From Ghetto to Broadway!"

Chelsea & Hines in the GMA mirrorball parade. AWW.

I figure by this point they're just completely used to glitter raining down on them.

Week 3. Lovely.

After all of this, they went on Regis & Kelly, and I finally found a clip that has their entire interview (I already posted the dancy bit at the beginning, so if anyone is actually clicking all of my links this may look familiar). They totally show the gratuitous neck-crunching clip, which is awful, especially since Kym is like WHAT ARE YOU DOING, I DON'T WANT TO SEE THIS, but it's really super cute how she and Hines both cover her face. Poor things!

In post-series news, Kym wrote another stream-of-consciousness hearts-n-flowers blog from The Morning After The Win In NYC.

Hines is so happy. We’ve worked really really hard. He keeps saying, “Oh I wanted to win it for you so you can be a two-time champ,” which is really sweet.

So cute! <3 Although the phrase 'two-time champ' is probably trademarked for Cheryl Sugarplum's use only.

I was so proud of our freestyle that I went home and watched it about five times, I was just so pleased at how Hines lifted me and made it look so effortless. I was really proud of him I think he really did a great job.

I somehow find it hilarious that they go home and youtube themselves, but of course they do. Also, this means they didn't cheat on the sex pact after the freestyle night, dammit.

I’m about to take a nap now and then we’ve got some other stuff later on. It’s just a whirlwind but its really great. All three of the final couples, we all got on a plane together and flew here. We were up sort of playing games and we all had a couple of drinks but then we all went to sleep because we had such a big day ahead of us but they were really happy for us. We all had a really fun flight over here and I think we will all meet up and have dinner tonight or something.

The stream-of-consciousness blog raises important questions: What games do you suppose occurred on the ABC Party Plane? What exactly are the sleeping accommodations on a private jet? How did Kirstie resist arranging for and posting revenge photos of our heroes half-drunk and potentially all over each other? AMERICA NEEDS TO KNOW THESE THINGS.

I can’t even think about next season right now I’m just celebrating the win with Hines. I really had such a great time this season. I’m just really lucky that I’ve met such a beautiful person and such a great friend too in Hines.

She could always take a season off like she did after winning Season 9. I'm just saying, I think Pittsburgh could use some dance studios or something after their sudden city-wide interest in ballroom dancing.

It's also kind of awesome how sportscasters everywhere are like GODDAMMIT, we can't stop talking about DANCING NOW. For example, helpful site reluctantly reports that Hines is still giddy about winning DWTS and he gives the manly soundbyte version of hearts-n-flowers:

“I’m around that environment each and every Sunday with guys dealing with injuries. So for me, I was sick to my stomach, because as a football player, macho guy supposed to be, I just felt bad I couldn’t have done or thrown her a different way. I mean, that instant totally could have gone the other way, and if it had gone the other way I don’t know how I could have lived with myself taking something that she’s been doing her whole life, taking it away from her. So three days later, for us to go out and perform the way we did, it was just phenomenal. I was just ecstatic that she was able to dance again.”

Awwww. It is kind of nuts when you think about how many people he's taken the fuck out on the Macho Football Field and then she gets hurt and he melts and it's a totally different scenario, obviously, but still.

So for us to come out and dance the way we did, I didn’t even care about the dance competition, I was just glad for me and her to be dancing again together and that’s what it takes with the Argentinian Tango — it’s about you and your partner; it’s about you guys bringing the audience to you. And I think by us just dancing the way we did, I think that’s what the judges and everybody was impressed about.

*flappy hands* The Argentine Tango is seriously the sexiest, even without life-and-death-and-diamonds.

And! Apparently, Kym is going to be "starring" at a random bridal show in Pittsburgh, because why not (the lives and careers of minor celebrities are seriously random), and she did an adorable radio interview about it that livejournal fairy markrydenfan linked me to:

"He's the most adorable man and he would be the best catch." This comes after she past-tenses that they kept it as being "great friends" while working and dancing together (sex paaaaact). So, diamonds? Clearly? Just dodging the press?

I have no idea what people do at bridal shows or how one can star in them, but I assume it involves lots of vendors setting up booths and trying to sell you taffeta dresses and china patterns? Anyway, the active Steelers are theoretically in training camp at the time, so Kym will have to pick out black and gold flatware on her own. She's co-hosting with retired Steeler "The Bus" who showed up on DWTS to mock Hines a few times, so maybe he can help.

"Top Five Things I Learned About Hines Ward" for the same radio station, in which Kym continues to destroy Hines' reputation as a tough football player:

I'm now taking my creeper self back to fanfic so that I can have more things to spam you with.
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