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Manic midnight twenty-minute fanfic theater...

... don't mind me.

Unforgivable Hines/Kym sappiness for the citizens of glittercrackia spamming smile-photos on the Hines/Kym facebook page I found where it's possible I'm not the craziest though still the only one writing fic.


He does a lot for that smile.

He surprises her – with diamonds, designer clothes, a trip to the islands with her bags already packed. (He forgot some things, maybe should have given her time to pack for herself, but he'll never regret that white bikini in the island water and that smile right before she pulled him under.)

Little things, sometimes. Dinner when she's busy, the dishes cleared, sitting through he doesn't know how many Kate Hudson movies.

He built her a rehearsal studio in the room that used to be his library, when she was wearing his ring but still living in L.A. for her last season and he missed her so much he thought he'd lose his mind.

When she saw it, she beamed, hugged him forever, demanded he dance with her and got about four steps before they christened the floor, knees on hardwood be damned.

He won a mirrorball trophy for her once.

She's easy to spend his money on, his time, his energy thinking of something new to make her smile like she's falling in love, again and again.

He doesn't need to, though. He spoils her for himself as much as for her. He knows it because there are days when he wakes up late, when he forgot to set the timer on the coffee pot the night before, when the laundry is on the floor and it's been weeks since they've even been on a date, and he'll roll over and see her watching him, blonde hair tangled on her pillow, smiling.

And he'll kiss her, morning mouth and all, apologize for the coffee and the clothes and how he had to cancel their movie plans last week. She'll laugh, the sound he loves almost as much as her smile, kiss him back and say, this is all I need.

And he'll smile.


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