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Operation Glitter Parade is a Go!

The City of Pittsburgh is throwing an actual rally for their Dancing With the Stars King and Queen. It kind of feels like I got so excited when my OTP won the Mirrorball Trophy that I slipped and hit my head and everything since then has been a GLITTER COMA FANTASY of facebook crackshipping and the news of an actual glitter parade actually happening. How is this real life?

Anyway, they *clearly* have to rehearse, and the fangirls on twitter-stalking duty hadn't heard from Hines or Kym in a while, so I thought of this scene and then was too lazy to write the rest of the fic, so you know, just assume they sort themselves out and then they done sex.


He picks your ringing phone off the coffee table and hands it to you. It's a simple gesture, not inherently important or romantic or anything else, but your heart quickens like he's giving you roses. You've really got to get yourself under control. It doesn't help when he gives you a cute grin, like maybe he's also feeling a little giddy that you and your cell phone are here in his house after a whole month apart.

You're completely not prepared for Cheryl to speak on the other end of the line before you've even said hello.

"How's the clandestine sex mission going?"

"Cheryl!" You're suddenly deeply grateful that he didn't take the even more domestic action of answering your phone for you.

"Are you saying you're not in Atlanta?"

You have no idea what face you're making, but Hines is looking at you like you might be possessed.

You wince and ask, "What did Karina tell you?"

Instead of answering, Cheryl says, "Did I tell you that two of Brooke's little girls are taking classes at the studio now?"

"She told Brooke?"

"Someone told Brooke something - you know it's kind of like playing telephone with her. Since when do you tell Karina things before me, anyway?"

Since I lost my mind and let her buy me six shots of tequila to distract me from obsessing, you don't say.

"I am not on a-" You glance sharply at Hines. "I'm rehearsing."


You're starting to feel a little interrogated, which is especially unfair when you haven't actually done anything wrong. Or anything, period. You're single, you're an adult, and if this is a secret sex mission, your only crime is that you haven't yet swallowed your nerves and jumped him. You explain, "Pittsburgh is throwing a rally on Thursday."


It is. It's actually still boggling your mind a little, but that's another story. "They really love Hines. And football."

"It's Monday today, so that's Tuesday, Wednesday-"

You're getting nowhere. "I can't talk to you right now."

"Say hi for me! I'm going to want details!"

You hang up on her.

"What was that?" Hines looks like he's trying not to laugh, just from your half of the conversation. You can't entirely blame him.

The best you can come up with is: "Cheryl says hi."

Tags: fandom: dwts, fic, fic: dwts, pairing: hines/kym, rpf

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